Saturday, October 24, 2009

a little bit of nothing....

i am really enjoying music lately. i mean i've always liked music, but i feel really at peace when i am listening to it, like i can think inside my own head. thankgoodness hubby doesn't seem to mind me walking around with earphones in constantly....

i was thinking back about my approach to school and how different it is now that i already have my career. i mean like when i went back to school for nursing dom was 7 months old and there was a certain cense of urgency, like ok i have to get it right the first time....graduate on time...

now i am so lazy about it. i mean i do the work, but getting my bacherlors won't mean anything different for me except that i can then get my masters. no pay difference, no status difference. those aren't really bad things its just that there isnt that urgency....

anyone else go back to school after you already had a degree? how was it for you?

my patient the other night football tackled me the moment i walked into the room, she was sitting on the edge of the bed and as soon as i got in there she got me.....we were like slow motion as she leaned all her weight on me...

and we went backwards.....

and i frantically waved my arms reaching for something-anything

and as we were going down she was like "oh jineen, i missed you..."

yeah, um me too, now get off me and get your ass back in bed.....

later that same night...but different patient:

um nurse...


do you guys keep anything for a snack around here?

sure, what do you want?

some strawberries and whipped cream

oh yeah? i'm not sure if we keep that kind of stuff.....

well what else am i gonna use to convince you to be my girlfriend?

ahhh, yes the joys of being a nurse:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i am already tired of the cold....

no i do not want some cheese to go with my whine, thankyou very much! i am jsut tired of the cold weather.

i realize the worst is yet to rear its ugly head and that 50 degrees maybe doesnt qualify as cold yet, but i am sick of it none the less. that added to the fact that i am generally so cheap and i live with two human heaters, that we don't turn on the heat until november. by bank account thanks me.... frozen hands do not.

i bought new clothes online for the little guy last week and they arrived yesterday. thankgod, cuz if i had to out one mroe pair of pants on him that only reached to his ankles and then pull up his ankle socks to cover the gap, i swear...

i am usually more prepared...blah blah blah, this year i'm not. well i wasn't. i am now:)
thinking of trying to sell the old clothes on craigs list. anyone ever done this before? they are in great condition and they are nice brands.....

so i have been using thisblog as therapy lately, and you all help so much. but i am wondering what are your thougths on an actual therapist? does anyone/has anyone ever been to one? pro
s/con's/thoughts on it?

be honest, i want to know.

i wish i had some fabulous story to tell, but i don't. i have been boring lately, mostly working. who isn't, right?

looking forward to halloween and trickor treating with my little guy:)

and this morning? well we are baking pumpkin face sugar cookies:)

Friday, October 16, 2009

out of the mouth of babes...

So sadly, i am not that interesting and I fear that those of you who are brave enough to be my friend on facebook and my bloggy friend as well may have already read this...

But i still can't stop laughing...

so my husband and son don't co-habitate in beds well. They tend to both be squirmers and floppers. and snorers and well, just not fit to nap together.

However, on the occasion that they still choose to share a bed, it always causes something for me to laugh about for days to come.

Upon waking last weekend from their nap this was the conversation i overheard:

dad: "dom, you kicked me while we were sleeping"

son: "well, daddy, all i have to say to that is, do you have any proof? because if not, then it never happened"

i swear, bloggy friends, i couldn't make this up.

sometimes, god just gives you a good laugh because its what you need. just as relieving as a good cry can be, so can a laugh:)

my son will be elvis for halloween. How does a 7 yr old even know about elvis, let alone care enough to want to dress up like him?

well, it all started with lilo and stitch. if you've ever seen it, then you know alot of songs are the kings. then move onto daddy seeing how much you like said songs because you run around the house singing them, and daddy decides to get some old elvis movies and watch them together. throw in some microwave popcorn and it is the stuff 7 yr olds dream of, a movie night with daddy.

so then said 7 yr old begins to impersonate elvis, and actually sounds like him. through some conversation, it turns out elvis is the current hero, far superior to any old spiderman or transformer costume.

for a mere $69.99, your son can not only look like the king, but he can stand there in his white jumpuit, offer you some burnin' love and then inform you that he got old and fat and died on the toilet while taking a poop.

ok, maybe the costume costs money and the extra info came from daddy. either way, the people handing out the candy in our neighborhood are gonna get more than they bargained for this year.

thankyou all for the much needed advice on the big things going on for me, i hate sounding whiney on here, my life is far from miserable, and i don't want this blog to turn into a place where i say woe is me all the time. come to think of it, i never want to say woe is me, but anyway...

sometimes i have to get it out, so thankyou for being there and coming back when i do have diarrhea of the mouth:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a lot of thinking and alot of headaches

so, we went camping this weekend and it was so wonderful to get outside, away and be with my two favorite guys. It was exactly what i needed and miraculously the headaches stopped. It was beautiful and restful:)

then i came home and literally on the drive back i began to get a headache. I guess it is telling me that it has to do with work. if you read me, you may knwo that i have been having troubles at work lately and it is making me so upset and anxious it is all i can do to force myself to go.

That sucks big time since i love what i do. So my question for you all today is this: have any of you ever made a big move? job wise, house wise or whatever?

the reason i ask is because the facility i work at is pretty much the only option in the state. i amnot exaggerating:) so since we have weighed and measured the options and thought about what is actually holding us here, there isn't much except for this job. We have long thought we migth not stay here forever, and i guess i am thinking that maybe now is the time to move.

Of course except for the economy and whatnot. there are alot of htings to think about and i really am at a loss for what to do. the only things i know for sure are that work is not going to get better or change, and i am miserable there.

other than that, school is going well the first block class is finished as of one hour ago and so i am on my way:)

please be honest with your thoughts and input, i need as much advice as i can get:)

love ya

Saturday, October 10, 2009

fashion post for saturday

alright so here we are, its saturday already and i swear i am losing time like old men lose hair.

so boots and jeans....

some of you weighed in with your thoughts, and armed with that i faced the week. I tried nearly every day to incorporate boots into my wardrobe, but i guess i just couldn't bring myself to step out the door with the pants tucked in. it may have helped if all my jeans weren't boot cut.

it also may have helped if i didn't have this fear of looking like i was ten times larger in the hips. when you are big already tucking pants into boots may cause an "oompa loompa like" image.

so, uggs would be my first choice to tuck. or black boots. both of which i own. in fact they are the only boots i own. but the black boots make my feet look pretty smal which only makes the contrast between them and my hips even worse. like maybe if you looked at me you might jsut wonder how i balance myself and stay upright. so i am left with the uggs.

so this week with boots over pants, was fun to learn that i enjoy watching other girls pull it off and i can't manage to get myself out with that style.

whats a girl to do?

so this week, i will broach the subject of the scarf. i own several now ever since i saw bigmama's scarf video last year, but i have only ventured out once with it. i actually liked it, and only felt a little self conscious...

so this week i am gonna try it a couple times. that is of course after we go camping:)
yup we are heading out to the wilds of .... well the wild. and we are gonna sleep and eat and...
well we are gonna do everything out there. we love camping and didnt get to go last year, so we are gonna make up for it this year, and i can't wait. only one night of work to make it thru and then we are off.
and now i am off to go shopping fo rhte supplies that we need, yes it is 12:30 am and we are shopping, what can i say...

i will leave you with this tidbit, today my son and i were having a mult-round challenge of candy land. he challenges me to a rematch any time i win because he really wants to end our games by winning the last game. so i was ahead of him for once and i was laughing and he looks up at me all serious and says " i wouldn't get too cocky mommy, you never know whats gonna happen in candy land."

was that a threat?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

oh my goodness, if i don't pull out my hair or murder some innocent person, i may make it thru the day....

i am sorry bloggy bestest:( i have spent the better part of today being pissed.

okay, okay. maybe the better part of this week.

geez! kill me already, most of the last month or so.

work sucks. i am angry every day about it. just when i think it will let up, it sucks some more.

my wonderful hubby has listened to me bitch constantly about the injustices of the world for many days. I am so thankful for him. I am feeling like i have to be very careful on here right now, because god forbid someone from work finds this blog.....

i have enjoyed reading all of your blogs, laughing and forgetting for a moment my own troubles. and mr. jack daniels and i have become better aquainted.

i have started the post for my first fashion saturday thingy, about the boots and the pants.

oh yeah and then i realized i am not having the worst week ever.

one of my patients had some, uh...very swollen man parts. not the frank the beans. and then they burst. literally.

so, i guess it isn't so bad afterall........

Saturday, October 3, 2009

i don't like flowers and dopey that much...

why is it that in mostly every store, the clothes for "plus sized" women have no shape and some kind of big ass flower or disney character on it? and why is a size 12 now considered plus size?

I went shopping yesterday for some business clothes. i have been going to some meetings for my job and there are two choices, business dress or scrubs. ok, i get it, no jeans and flips flops right? which is totally my thing. but, one does tend to feel alittle bit like an ass when you are the only one wearing scrubs. so, since these meetings aren't just gonna disappear, i guess i needed at least 2 pairs of dress "slacks" as my grandmother used to call them, and a few tops. now don't get me wrong, i wish i had some kind of fashion sense.

like those hookers fabulous girls who can throw together a look mixed up with trends and involving boots and scarf. i can see it in my head, and i try, i really do. the problem is when i see it in my head and then in the mirror, it never looks the same.

so i went to my favorite store these days, jc pennys. and can you believe it, i actually found pants that fit! and they weren't even teh same kind just in different colors! they were different kinds one in charcoal and one in black. the pants gods must have smiling down on me.

maybe it has to do with the fact that all my child hood shopping was at kmart and goodwill. or maybe the fact that once i moved on as an adult, my shopping places were old navy and walmart.
not that there is anythign wrong with those places, i guess its just kinda that as i expand my need for clothes and fabulous boots and attempt to throw myself together in a more mature fashion, they aren't gonna cut it anymore.

which brings me to jeans. i actually found a pair yesterday that fit! they looked good, fit good and were on sale. which meant i still paid about 50 bucks for them. but honestly, when thrown nest to 20 walmart jeans, it was obvious that there were worth the extra money.

now i sound snotty, and i don't mean to, i guess what had happened is this, since i am overweight, (maybe alittle less now than before) i never bothered to think i coudl still look nice. i jsut wore tshirts and jeans and went with it.
what i am finally figuring out is that i can look better even with the rolls. oh my god, did i jsut say that? so i am on a mission and you girls can join if you want. getting ever closer to thirty, i am determined that this will be my defining fashion era. i WILL look better, i WILL spend more on clothes and i WILL try new things.

boots over top of jeans? i am nervous but i want to so so so bad. any tips you have for this venture? i love shoes and heels and have a small collection that i have yet to put to good use out of fear of looking fatter.
so help me step out of my closet and into the fashion world! another blog you may know does fashion friday and though i am addicted to it and read it multiple times throughout the week, she takes questions and gives answers. i would rather do kind of like lets pick a weekly topic, you leave advice in the comments and then i will post it all together every saturday. are you in? i am gonna assume you are and claim the first topic to be the boots and jeans thing. any kind, any advice! let me have it!

and avoid all things characters and large neon flowers in clothes, that i am sure is sound fashion advice!