Friday, August 21, 2009

since you've been gone.....

ok since i've been gone......

well what had happened was...... 2 weeks before we left to go on vacation, the computer stopped working. i dont mean it was slow, i don't mean we couldn't get it to do what we wanted i mean


how can this happen to a computer less than a year old? who knows. My husband took it to best buy and that warranty that they convinced us we needed for 200 extra bucks? well it turned out to be pretty worth it because the entire mother board was FRIED! now, i don't really know what that means, but from the look on the face of the geek squad guy, it was pretty serious.

They expected us to get it back the day before we left and i was pretty happy about that. Sadly until that time i wouldn't be able to let you know i was still here as i had no access to a computer. even more sad was the fact that it took even longer to fix and we just got it back 2 days ago when we got home from the beach.

i truly appreciate everyone missing me and thining of me and i am super sorry that i couldn't let you know what happened.....

but i am back, rested and i still get to keep the 800 dollars it would have cost to fix the computer because that stinkin warranty was all inclusive. things never happen that way for me...

so now i have worked two 12 hour shifts and i have two more to go. But i figured i better show my face sooner rather than later. or at least show my typing. you know what i meant.

so i think i will spend the next few days catching up on how you all have been doing and just to make it easier, i will post comments on whatever your most recent most happens to be from all the ones i missed. then i can fill you in on me.

age before beauty:)

i will say vacation was fabulous and i am rockin a freakin awesome tan:)

love to you all and thanks for missing me, i sure missed you!