Saturday, November 27, 2010

im so not good at this.....

so when I started this blog it felt like i had a billion and one things to say.... but for the past few months life has grabbed a hold of me and taken me away and there just doesnt seem to be enough time. I have been a faithful lurker of your blogs, reading but sadly not commenting, I enjoy keeping up with you all and envy that you are so interesting and good at time management.

I do happen to have an interesting story, ok well maybe not super great interesting but certainly bizarre enough that it might catch your attention...

You may or may not know that i am expecting. Before you wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing, I will tell you it is a good thing. i am super happy and my boy friend is as well. It will be his first child and I am 18 weeks along as i type this out. Is it kinda soon since I havent' been seperated from my husband all that long? i guess you could think of it that way. but there are many more details that go in there that really seem irrelevant to me. We are happy and healthy and my son is doing bette than i eve imagined and so life is sweet.

Anyway, so yes I am preggo and I have a uterine tear with a small bleed that seems to be under control but really the heavy lifting is left to the boys now. I no longer haver to lug our laundry up and down three flights of stairs to complete. I have help. and when I say help i mean a boyfriend who is willing to do it:) he even folds it all:) no he is not for sale, lmao.

anyway, so he tells me to gather my laundry together and he will get it started. i do just that once again smiling that it wont be me carrying it all. did i mention we live on the third story?

he goes up and down the stairs, toting laundry and detergent and dryer sheets. up and down. up and down. several horus pass and the laundry is complete. I begint o put it away. my sons thigns are done, now onto my own....

everything is so nicely folded and easy to put away because he not only folds it but sorts it into piles. I complete my task and go about getting ready for work. I really think nothing funny until i go to my sock drawer to put on socks. there aren't any except a pair of red and green christmas socks and a pair of knee high striped toe socks.

Where are all my socks?

i recheck the laundry basket.... empty

i ask my boyfriend if all the laundry is indeed finished.......yes

i return to my drawer incase i missed them the first time......still no socks

i sit down on the bed baffled.

i go back to the living room and grab my boyfriend and take him to my sock drawer and open it and ask him if he sees socks.

well of course he sees the christmas socks, takes them out and hands them to me and walks away.

It is now two weeks later and I have to tell you I still have not seen hide nor hair of my socks. I feel i should elaborate that we do laundry about every two weeks and I therefore have enough sicks to last me that long. meaning I had aprrox 15 to 16 pairs of socks go missing.

i've heard of the dryer eating socks, but 30 individual socks?

needless to say i examine my neighbors feet thoroughly each time i encounter them curious to know who is the proud new owner of 15 pairs of dollar socks from target......