Tuesday, September 14, 2010

so what's new?

so, what has happened in the last few weeks? well......

we went on vacation to the beach which was great! a much needed break and though it was honestly weird to do it the first time without my ex/dom's daddy, it was a much needed break! the waether was beautiful and we had fun:)

once we got back it was time to get into school mode for dom who is is third grade this year and being homeschooled by his mommom. she chose to use the abeka program which i am super happy with and he is loving school, tho maybe not so much the homework. its great for me too because he is with her from about 10 til 3 every day and so i get some time to ge tthings done plus i have always wanted to pack him lunches ( dont ask me why) and now i get to!

i am currently taking a statistics class and hating every moment of it. apparently when i got my laptop about two years ago it came with programs and i somehow lost the packaging and so i dont have the product key to set up excel and so i cant do my homework:( boo for me. not sure what im gonna do about that....

and last but not least, i found out the day before we left for vacation that m and I are expecting:)

we are so happy and excited, we go to the doctor tomorrow for the first appointment and according to my calculations i will be 7 weeks and 5 days tomorrow:)

so how have you all been?

long hiatus

so dear bloggy friends. i took a hiatus. I apologize for no warning ahead of time, but i just had to take some time. Some of my posts were so angry, hell i was so angry and thats not me. I am not filled with hate or anger, and i do not wish to have those things in my life. So, i needed to take a break and get myself together a little bit before coming back here:)

so many things have happened and honestly i wasn't sure if i might ever return but then shannon suggestd i do and i thought, yeah she's right, i big time miss blogging:)

so here i am!

I want to take sometime and fill you all in on everything thats been goingon pictures included, but for now i wanted to post something short and sweet and say hello:)