Sunday, September 21, 2008

where do i begin?

i guess i am having a hard time deciding where to begin with this, do i just jump right in or do i start from the beginning, and the beginning of what? my life, my marriage, the birth of my child.
I guess i will just jump in and i apologize if that leads me all over the place as i add little tidbits.
soooo i was born 2 weeks late one night in may...
i guess the only thing significant about that is maybe it can explain why i am late for nearly everything in life, late to parties, late to bed, late to movies, even last to get the joke. the only thing i am never late for is work.
So anyway, i guess maybe i am a "cookie cutter" christian as far as i was saved sometimes during a vbs program around 4 or 5 years old. I am fairly certain of this fact, though 20 years later i wonder if my memory is true, or some fantasy i have developed for lack of memory. Of course my salvation is confirmed by three or four crisis times in my teenage years when i desperately poured my heart out to the Lord begging his forgiveness and became saved again. Well, not really again, but just some extra insurance for the terrible mess i had managed to create in my life at that moment. So some way or another, at either 4 or 15, i became a Christian.
Not really a fancy story. and truly not a mind blowing experience, apparently not even memorable, which causes me some guilt every now and then that the moment i met my Saviour is something i can't quite nail down.
Oh well, i am sure that it happened, and that is what counts.