Wednesday, November 19, 2008

neglectful me...

i know, i know, i haven't written in 3 weeks. though i don't see much evidence that anyone reads this thing anyway, i feel somewhat guilty that i haven't been faithful.

So many things have been going on....

i would love to update, and i truly will take some time to do just that, but htis post has another purpose. I am sitting here lookiong at recipes deciding what i will cook for our very first Thanksgiving at home. yes, i know 8 years of marriage and this is the first time i am cooking? well, let me tell you it will be interesting.

first off, our oven is broken, not stove, just oven. so a turkey is out...well boston market is my backup. no one evn eats turkey except me, so a roasted chicken it is.


i am realizing that some serious grocery shopping and list making is needed. thankfully ( no pun intended) list making is my specialty.

So i am beginning the plans of thanksgiving. it is a week in advance and i think i can get it done. I have some good recipes and new and old favorites to try. once i have compiled the entire menu i will let you know, as well as added decor and whatnot.

my prayer request for today is, as i am planning, and preparing, i am reminded of all the homeless people in our world. mostly i am thinking of hte ones in delaware (where i live) and the ones i have met before in the hospital. they come in for a warm bed and meals just for a day or two. there is no planning for them, there is no menu, food prep, list, or even thanksgiving day parade. i see into their eyes and the humanity behind them. whatever brought them to this place, whatever situation they are in, they are suffering. a basic human need is not being met. they are hungry. when was the last time you went to bed truly hungry? when was the last time you wondered where your last meal was coming from? not who was gonna cook it or who was gonna complain, but wondered would it even be there?

Dear Lord, i truly pray from the bottom of my heart that these people find their thanksgiving.

if you feel you can donate in some way, if you cannot, pray for these people, our brothers and sisters.

this year, i am truly thankful.