Saturday, March 6, 2010

its good to be me:)


"yes dom"

"when i was a baby living in your tummy, how did i get out?"

"you know"

"i want you to say it"

"dom, you came out of my vagina."

lots of giggling ensues on the part of the 8 yr old son.


"yes dom"

"is a vagina an inside out penis?"

yup, one saturday morning as we were getting a gourmet breakfast together, and by that I mean yummy poptarts broken in half and put on a paper towel just the way the midget likes them......

that was the conversation we had.

my son and i have been growing more and more close over the last few weeks, and for that I am especially grateful. my mom and i have been growing more and more close over the past few weeks and for that I am grateful.

i have a group of friends who love me and support me and for that i am grateful.

i am hopefully back to the bloggin scene, and for that you i am grateful:)


Sarah said...

Priceless. He seems like such a goofball :) Now, the cool thing will be if he is THIS open and curious when he's a tween and it's time for "the talk". I am supporting you from afar, wishing I was closer so that I could REALLY be a rock for you, not that you need it, just sayin'. Have a GREAT weekend!

Cammie said...

lol.....just one of the perks of having a c-section....I will never have to utter those words!!

Kristina P. said...

This totally made me snort!