Friday, October 24, 2008

Jesus vs. God

Yup, i bet that title got your attention.

Although i doubt there are very many who even read this blog, i enjoy writing it and sharing even if it is only myself that reads it.

so when i was a child i prayed "dear Jesus", i said thankyou and sorry to Jesus. I believed in Jesus and asked Jesus into my heart. And as i grew i did "what jesus would do".

As a teenager i started to hear "the Lord" and "Heavenly Father" , but mostly I would hear "God". God helped me do it, God gave me the strength. But Jesus is apparently left to the childhood prayers.

And yet I strive every day to have childlike faith. Childlike faith is truly amazing. Look at your son or daughter, neice or nephew, best friends child. Look at how they see the world. Child like faith.

If my son needs something, he knows he will get it. If he is scared he knows we will take care of him. if he is cold, we will cloth him, if he is tired we will tuck him into bed.

He has faith in us.

How much more can we have child like faith in Jesus? He will never fail us.
When did we get away from Jesus? When did it all become so formal?

I challenge you to have child like faith and talk to Jesus today as openly and freely and without shame as you could when you were a child.

I would love to hear any examples of how this worked for you. Any stories of child like faith from either a true child or yourself.

blessings to you all


Pipsylou said...

I love your blog. I have a special needs child, too. It's so nice to see someone else who understands!