Saturday, January 16, 2010

play along

have you ever felt llike you were just playing along in your own life just to get through? sometimes i feel
like that. that i am just going through the motions, that everyone else is saying and doing what they want and i am just doing and saying what is expected of me.

how do you break away from that? it is one of the things i struggle with because it is easier for me to help everyone else be happy instead of myself. it is easier to say the things that i know they want to hear rather than say the truth.

i have been looking at apartments and have even found myself alittle excited. i have never lived on my own before and tho i know it will not always be exciting or eay, it will be different and maybe i wont feel the pressure to pretend so much anymore. and i wont be scared.

so friends, how have you been? i have been reading all your blogs to catch up and i admit i haven't been as good with the comments simply because i just want to see how you have all been:) i love you all.......


Anonymous said...

I did find myself doing that when hubs and I had problems. The only way I finally broke free of it was when I decided to find something to do in the evenings instead of sitting at home waiting on him to come home from work. I guess I put myself more as a priority. I'm kind of wondering how ya'll got to this point... what's been going on?