Wednesday, July 21, 2010

im a flipflopper....

Dear bloggy friends:)
so i know i was on a bit of a rampage during my last post and in fact the one i had typed first was quite nasty. I deleted it about 10 mins after i posted it because that was anger talking and not me.
I have been thinking for the last few days and have decided not to make this private. i don't feel that i should be censored in my own blog. I am entitled to an opinion and i have the right to speak about things the way i see them. None of us know eachother anyway and i dont use names except for my own.

The things that i have shared on here are true. They are real and I will not back down on that or remove it. I stayed quiet for far too long and i will not do it anymore.

i love having this blog and i love my bloggy friends and followers. you all mean a ton to me and your advice and caring have gotten me through some tough times:) i love reading you and sharing with you.

thankyou for hanging in there:)

on a happier note, dom and i went to the beach on mnday with my bestie suzanne and her son:) best time ever! we got a little tan and a little burnt but it was a beautiful day and the kiddo's had a serious ton of fun. pics to come!
heart you all,

Dear you's mother,
this blog is not for you. if you don't like what you are reading, stop reading it. if you dont like it because you know its the truth, too bad. at least you didn't live it. stop judging the way i am living my life, you have chosen to make me none of your concern so why do you care? do not be a hypocrite about what is wrong for me but acceptable for your son. I will repeat that this blog is truly none of your business, i do not wish for you to read it, but if you choose to continue to do so, at least have the courtesy to tell the truth about what it contains instead of exagerating and embellishing it.
it didn't have to be this way, thats on you,


Kristina P. said...

I'm glad you had a great time at the beach.

You know, blogging can be a tricky thing. I think people should be able to speak their mind and use the their blog for the purposes they want to.

At the same time, and this is something I've learned, there comes consequences from doing that. Which is why I never write about people in my life, unless I obtain their permission first.

It's a tough balance.

Gramee said...

Sounds like you need to take more time like your little trip to the beach!! It is good for you!

I had a problem with a few people in my life on my blog and facebook.
I was so close to just deleting it all. I am glad I didn't ..

I agree with your decision. You need to stand up for yourself!.

Anonymous said...

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