Saturday, July 31, 2010


dear new job,
I am truly loving you more and more every day! even though i don't much care for getting up at 5:30 in the morning, and although i don't really speak for about 2 hours unitl i have fully woken up, and even though you keep me on my toes every second of the day.....i love the challenge of learning new things!
The preceptors i have are amazing and i am so thankful to have this opportunity!
Heart you!
new employee

dear smfe,
omg, i am loving our friendship! you have helped me learn that a friend accepts you no matter what and even though they may e very very honest with you about htings, it is out of love and caring and in the end, you always have my back! I want you to know i always have yours too! i love you from the bottom of my heart!
Love you mrs p!
rev p!

dear anonymous,
i can't reveal your identity because it might cause you trouble but yesterday you helped me in a huge way. for that i am grateful. i wasn't expecting it, and you certainly didn't have to do what you did. Thankyou,

dear person who has gotten on my nerves twice tonigth already,
when i say please don't share this information with anyone....I MEAN IT! it doesn't mean you can tell your sister and your grandmom and whoever else you tell. my business is my business and i certainly will be thinking twice before i share it with you again.
thanks for pissing me off

dear psycho bitch stalker,
i guess this isn't gonna get any better. i have done absolutely nothing to you. NOTHING. you are spreading lies about me to people. i know this. you are accusing me of doing the same and i haven't done anything. i dont talk about you to anyone. i have nothing bad to say other than you can't seem to mind your own business. you are being ridiculously dramatic. you are embellishing and lying. you are making everything about you when really it isn't about you AT ALL. of course thats typical fashion for you. i tried to end it, tried to make it so that you couldn't continue to stalk me. but somehow you seem to keep doing it.
All i can say is this. i have kept my mouth shut. i didnt have to. god knows you haven't. but let me tell you something right now.
you need to leave me the hell alone.
you want to pretend like im not alive, like i don't exist? then just freaking do it and leave me alone! keep my name out of your mouth! you are crazy, there is something wrong with you. seriously.
stop coming here.
this blog isn't for you.
quit being a pyscho stalker.

dear dom,
i had SO much fun with you at the beach thursday! you are my sweetest little pumpkin and i love you, seein gyour face light up on the boardwalk, seeing how happy you are when we spend time together, walking on the beach with and enjoying your little self is the best part of my life!
mommy loves you more than anything!


Kristina P. said...

You have a lot of good, and scary, going on! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

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