Thursday, December 11, 2008

nearly christmas

I check the blogs i like to follow on almost a daily basis, and when i do not see a new post for several days, i feel disappointed. i like to hear the things going on in those lives that i feel connected to through this machine. i have even been known to request an update if more than a few weeks go by, (yes jodie i am talking about you ) and yet when i realized that i myself am not as faithful at keeping up......i guess i need to request an update from myself. these past few weeks seem to have flown by. all the planning and arranging so that the holiday season is just right seems to have eaten up all of my time.
I am almost sad that i have been running around like a nutcase missing out on the every day things.
so i am happy and proud to report the christmas and birthday shopping for dom is done. (his birthday is jan 3rd) and aside from batteries, we are ready for him. two side notes about that number one: i always plan to have all his stuff seperated and wrapped far in advance and yet every christmas eve jerm andi find ourselves up to 4 am wrapping and taping and arranging under the tree, maybe this year...
number two: dom didnt really ask for anything for christmas this year initially....he just simply made an announcement one day..


"yes dom"

"i am going to be santa claus this year"


"i said i am going to be santa claus this year"

"oh really? tell me more about this...." (obviously he has a plan and a reason as usual)

"well when i watched that movie (tim allen in "the santa claus") i decided that i could do a good job and i want to be santa. i know how ot do it"


"well i wait until he gets to our house and then once he is on our roof i just push him off."


"don't worry mommy, it isn't mean cuz he doesn't get hurt, he just disappears and then i look in his coat pocket and find the card and then i am santa"

"honey, that sounds like a ton of fun, but you do know that is ust a movie, santa needs to do his job and you should probably stay asleep in your bed."

"we'll see mommy, we'll see"

i must add that he walked around the house with his belly sticking out as if he were pregnant, though he is a very lanky child so there wasn't much to show. and now he asks me daily if i see any kind of beard growing on his face.

ahhh the holidays.

so i am sorry for not writing more often, and i hope everyone else is feeling as ready for christmas as me.


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