Saturday, December 20, 2008

here it comes

i am not quite sure where the time has gone.....i swear over a month ago i made up my little (or actually long) to-do list and started off december with good intentions. all the shopping would be done, the tree would be up and decorated by the end of the first week and the house would be continuously filled with the aroma of some delicious thing being baked....

so now it is december 20th and my fabulous list is only half done.

the tree is up (decorated this morning), no baking has been done, shopping for dom is done, but more for jerm and the others in the family. cards were sent out (everyone got haircuts, cleaned up, picture taken, transformed into card, addressed and stamped) doms room completely cleaned, my room comepletely cleaned. (i know the cleaning part was several hours in each room)

so what can i do? i work sunday night and monday night and i still have many things to be done and I AM TIRED!!!

i guess i haven't quite recovered from my 80 hours in 7 days of work....

so at least for today....drop off donations at goodwill, get milk, pick up at least one of the several gift cards on the list, more wrapping paper, and sleep.

(oh yeah, i did manage to be sure every bill is paid in advance so no bills for at least 2 weeks:)

let me know where you are in your list (don't worry i wont be mad if you are perfect and have it more together than me and i wont laugh if you dont)

i think we can makeit, but even if we dont...
here it comes