Thursday, November 5, 2009

yeah, i'm still here:)

so i know, i have been such a slacker......
i have been keeping up with you all, love reading about your lives, hearing about the things going on with you:) just haven't been able to find the time to get on here and actually say anything.

so many things have been going on, tho i am hesitant to post it on here. the reason being someone at work was recently fired immediately for posting something about work on their facebook page. it was about a patient or anything, but they are really cracking down on that stuff and since this blog isn't private and though i don't have my address or last name on here, if you knew me, you would easily be abel to identify me fromt hsi page. so my question to you all is., do you know how i can make it provate? accesable by invite only, or somehow block people from reading unless i want them to? i love having you all and i want to keep you of course i just want to be selective about anyone else accessing it.....

bloggy friends i miss you:)


GRAMEE said... go into settings and then permissions and change it to people who you choose I am not sure how it works after you change it to that setting but i am sure it will walk you through it..

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, you'll probably have to go private.

The Rambler said...

Like Gramee mentioned.

If you go private you have to just make sure you invite all your buddies so we can still keep up on you :)

I remember another blogger had to go private cause her soon to be ex husband was such a douche bag and leaving nasty comments on her blog.