Saturday, November 28, 2009

ok so here i am...

thankyou kristina for the vote of confidence. it has been a hard month for me so far. I am just beginning to learn all the things that i can no longer hide from and facing them is perhaps the hardest thing i have ever had to do.

add on to that back to work and school and still trying to maintain a normal household for the sake of my son. plus i am so used to doing for everyone else to keep them happy, that learning to do what makes me happy is super challenging. and then to not feel guility about it.....

work has been good tho, i have gone in with a new attitude, and making this page as well as my facebook private haas helped me feel like now i have some limits. or boundaries as my therapist likes to call them. he says i never had any before. so that is yet another first for me.

and still i find myself tending to pretend sometimes just so i dont have to explain myself. i guess i am a work in progress.

thanksgiving was nice and i spent black friday with my girlfriends. i should now be doing homework and cutting hubby's hair, but i wanted to get back into the swing of blogging a little more, i am such a good reader and such a bad typer.

well anyway, thanks for coming back to see your crazy bloggy friend:)


Anonymous said...

This bloggy friend is glad you are back and is ALWAYS here for you whether it be blogging or on Facebook. HUGS!!!

GRAMEE said...

this is what i believe and decided just yesterday, blogging is therapy, if i write the things that are on my mind..
some days they are not a bed of roses post and people who read and love you will return time after time..
It might be difficult to believe but people do what you to pour your soul..
it will make you whole.

and i am glad you shared your experience. I have major depressive
disorder. i will take medication the rest of my like but i am alive.

Kristina P. said...

I am glad that you are persevering! And in fact, I actually did make an appointment with a therapist for next week.

I am not ashamed at all. I think it's helpful. My anxiety is really minor compared to a lot of people, but it's nice just having an objective person to talk to.

Kristina P. said...

I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Kristina P. said...

Hope you're doing OK!