Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OMG! i've joined the 21st century!

its kinda like the kid who wears what was cool from last year on the first day of school this year only to discover its no longer cool. and after beggin their mom the entire summer to buy them jsut this one pair of pants please, their mom makes them wear those damn pants every week. anyway...

my point is as you may know i have been making a ton of changes over these past few weeks and some of them include joining the 21st century. such as

i finally have internet on my phone. i was trying to play it cool with having facebook updates texted to my phone, at least then i looked busy and seemed cool, but now i have the real deal and i can stalk check the status of my friends from the toilet or the car.

i have a dishwasher. there is a story why i never had a dishwasher, its long and old, but suffice it to say you should never use dish detergent in a dishwasher. and you certainly should never ever fill the little tray all the way up with said dish detergent. and you should never never ever run the damn thing again once you clean up all the bubbles assuming you got them all out the first time. cuz you did not.

my oven works. ahem. the one at my son's fathers house hasn't worked in years and suffice it to say i got very good at microwaving or stove top cooking. so now i can have casseroles. which i wasn't allowed to make and lets face it sometimes you jsut want a damn mixture of all the shit left over in the fridge. or maybe you dont, but you can make it anyway because you now have an oven.

i have two bathrooms. surely you would understand that three people sharing one bathroom makes for some interesting arrangements. especially when you are in the middle of your shower and someone has to shit. and not just any ole dump either but one that has a smell so powerful you feel like you are bathing in that instead of your peach ginger soap.

anyone else tryin to catch up with the jones'?


Vodka Mom said...

I refuse to even associate with the Jones'.


Anonymous said...

Yay for having all of those things! I can't imagine not having a working oven or a dishwasher! Eek! Also to note, never leave the dishwasher running while leaving the house because A) it can overflow all over the floor or B) a plastic tuppermaid lid can land on the heating coils and when the "dry" feature kicks on, it melts the lid, causing smoke and all kinds of other things....... :0)

Kristina P. said...

You are living the high life now, my friend!

GRAMEE said...

lmao!... that is so funny

every bit

from the phone to the casserole..

bj said...

Lucky me...I don't even KNOW any Jones' !! :))

Just stopped in from SITS to say hi..