Monday, June 14, 2010

so much to say and i can't find the words..

dear blog,
i have had you for over a year now. i have tried different formats and colors and ways of writing. it seems that we are going through some changes lately that i cna't tell if they are good or bad.
Don't get me wrong, i love you and if i didn't haev you to vent to i might shrivel up with frustration. But sometimes i wonder what could i be doing better? we have our faithful readers but i want to expand, touch more people get to know some others....

i guess i am feeling stumped at this point....

still a work in progress,

dear jackie,
a mere few hours ago you tucked my most precious little guy into bed, gave him some kisses and sent him off to dream land. this has been very successful for us ever since i moved out, though i don't know how you so willingly have the patience to do it night after night with nothing but a thankyou in return.

shortly after you left, little guy called me and he was crying. apparently he had some very unpleasant diarrhea and didn't know what to do. he knew he couldn't go back to sleep in it and he was far to embarrassed to ask m to help. so he wanted me to come home. he was heartbroken at the thought of laying there all night.....

you, without hesitation came to the rescue. you had no gas and it was well past midnight. but you were there to clean him and comfort him and lov ehim up when i couldn't. i know i def made the right decision when i picked you as godmother:)
love you dearest sister,

dear world,
someties things seem so unfair. i know that there are many out there with far less than me, but sometimes i feel so overwhelmed and just so....tired.
why do you constantly present me with these challenges and think i am capable of facing them? will i ever be able to sleep for more than four hours at a time?
just wondering, cuz i really am tired....,


Kristina P. said...

It's better! I can read it now. :)