Friday, July 16, 2010


dear bloggy friends,
it has come to my attention that there is someone reading htis blog who doesnt belong. one person who is reading out of spite and then lying about what she reads on here. she is a hypocrite, a dramatic and ridiculous person. i had quite a nasty post on here that i only left up for a few minutes because that isnt who i am.
i am either going to go private or create a new blog where i can truly be me without being judged. please let me know your opinion about which option i should choose and also email me if you would like to follow me privately or follow my new blog.

and to the lying hypocrite,
if you dont like what you are reading because you cannot handle the truth, stop reading. stop passing on incorrect information. and stop being a judgemental hypocrite. you know who you are.


Kristina P. said...

Will you invite me?

Gramee said...

WOW! i am sorry you have to deal with this!!

I want to go with you where ever you go!

I hope it settles down.

Mommy said...

If you read my latest post you'll see I have decided to do the same. (Go private that is.) Once my new one is up and I'm content with it I'll send you the info. You kinda have to decide for yourself which path you want to take...but I suggest if you start a new blog you only tell those you trust completely about it. (You could still use this one for non-personal posts since you have so many followers.) As for the hypocrite...working both sides of a fence will get you busted nuts. You'll lose the trust and faith from both people. Not a smart move. Karma is much more powerful than the untruths you spread. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would probably start a new blog - new life, new blog. :)

carmelcandyapples at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

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