Saturday, January 17, 2009

getting confused

Just a little note here that being as i share a blog with my husband and also have this one on my own i tend to get a little confused when i am thinking about what i want to post on each one. I don't want to be different on each one, and certainly not any kind of fake, just that this one is a little more private and a little more ....just me. That being said, i was logged in under our together one and left comments at some sites i love to read that were really more of my sites to read and not his. anyway, if you were confused and found sea-anno and not this site, that is my explanation. and for your reading pleasure here is the story i posted on there but thought would be funny on here as well.

his bum is now a mac machine
yes, there is a story behind a title like that:) (tho i fear some of the details may be a bit much it must be told the right way to get the full effect, so brace your self)

So thursday night is my last night of work , and not only that i get to go in at 11pm instead of the usual 7pm. I didn't get much sleep due to the fact that the house next to us is being deconstructed. so sporadically in the last few days men have been there taking bits and pieces down. lots of noise, approx. 10 feet from my alarm goes off at 9pm and i have one hour to get ready for work.

i get up and being that i am a woman and this particular day is one that the cramps have subsided, i need to go to the bathroom and "clean" any mess and "rearmor" my underwear. takes a minute or two. just when i am finished i hear a somewhat frantic noise coming out of my husband and down the hall to the bathroom where i am just getting off the pot, underwear down.


goes the bathroom door"i don't know if your finished in there, but dom swallowed something."

well, folks, as you well may have guessed, that is never a good phrase to hear. and for that matter not one you really expect to hear regarding your seven year old, who is for sure by this time too old to be putting things in his mouth that don't belong there.

So i snatch up my underwear and rip open the door to see buckets of drool pouring from my childs mouth and my husband is carrying him by the underarms and i am not sure if he is i grab him from his father, he looks up at me and i know he is breathing because he says...

"am i going to die?"

i try to keep a straight face as i look at him and see all that drool and realize he is ok, while his father shares with me that he has swallowed...

a penny.

i tell him to take some deep breaths and he tells me he is going to see jesus.

pretty dramatic for a 7 year old, don't you think?i give him water to drink and tell him he feels like he is choking because a big thing has just passed thru his tiny throat and he is feeling something called a carotid sensitivity.

now, you may be thinking why would she tell a 7 yr old this? well, you just dont know my son. he LOVES and i mean LOVES a good explanation. and the more big words, the better!

So any way, he is dramatically "gulping" air down and water and i am washing my face talking all the while to distract him and also to try and get ready for work, which i am still not decided if i am now going due to the fact that he may need a trip to the E.R. ( more on that in a minute).He continues to ask if the penny will kill him and i continue to assure him no. Now he knows i will not lie to him, even if it is bad news, so he says "am i going ot the hospital?" knowing i will tell him the truth.

I get my stethescope and listen to him breath for a minute or two, then listen to him swallow water and decide the penny is not in his lungs but rather in his tummy, thus no hospital trip tonight.

Just then the phone rings and it is work calling to beg for help due to the fact that we are short staffed and i will be in charge and the nurse who is now in charge needs reassuring that everything will be ok. i coddle her for 10 minutes and look over at my son who has calmed down a bit now, but is still not completely convinced that he will not become an angel tonight.He is still drinking water and has now grabbed his book on human anatomy and is searching thru it for a picture of his stomach and intestines so he can "track" the penny thru his body.

i am walking out the door promising he'll still be alive to see me when i get home and he is holding the page open to see intestines.

The story ends with me leaving for work 10 minutes late and driving 70 mph to get there on time.

Of course if you know us personally, you may remember this same story occuring a little over a year ago, last winter when he swallowed a glass marble.I swear to you folks, he never never put things in his mouth when he was little.


now all of the sudden we can't keep stuff out.and of course his medical issues being what they are, he went to the hospital and had several xrays until it was decided the marble was in his tummy. where it stayed for 3 weeks before he finally passed it. (and for the record, wanted to wash off and keep as a momento).

so i repeat myself, i guess his bum is now a mac machine waiting to spit out some money. I just wish it was a little more than a penny :)