Saturday, October 10, 2009

fashion post for saturday

alright so here we are, its saturday already and i swear i am losing time like old men lose hair.

so boots and jeans....

some of you weighed in with your thoughts, and armed with that i faced the week. I tried nearly every day to incorporate boots into my wardrobe, but i guess i just couldn't bring myself to step out the door with the pants tucked in. it may have helped if all my jeans weren't boot cut.

it also may have helped if i didn't have this fear of looking like i was ten times larger in the hips. when you are big already tucking pants into boots may cause an "oompa loompa like" image.

so, uggs would be my first choice to tuck. or black boots. both of which i own. in fact they are the only boots i own. but the black boots make my feet look pretty smal which only makes the contrast between them and my hips even worse. like maybe if you looked at me you might jsut wonder how i balance myself and stay upright. so i am left with the uggs.

so this week with boots over pants, was fun to learn that i enjoy watching other girls pull it off and i can't manage to get myself out with that style.

whats a girl to do?

so this week, i will broach the subject of the scarf. i own several now ever since i saw bigmama's scarf video last year, but i have only ventured out once with it. i actually liked it, and only felt a little self conscious...

so this week i am gonna try it a couple times. that is of course after we go camping:)
yup we are heading out to the wilds of .... well the wild. and we are gonna sleep and eat and...
well we are gonna do everything out there. we love camping and didnt get to go last year, so we are gonna make up for it this year, and i can't wait. only one night of work to make it thru and then we are off.
and now i am off to go shopping fo rhte supplies that we need, yes it is 12:30 am and we are shopping, what can i say...

i will leave you with this tidbit, today my son and i were having a mult-round challenge of candy land. he challenges me to a rematch any time i win because he really wants to end our games by winning the last game. so i was ahead of him for once and i was laughing and he looks up at me all serious and says " i wouldn't get too cocky mommy, you never know whats gonna happen in candy land."

was that a threat?


Kristina P. said...

I live in Utah where it gets very cold and snowy. I love the idea of scarves, but for some reason, either I forget to wear them, or I feel very crowded when I do. I know it's also trendy to wear them just with a t-shirt, but I feel like I look like an idiot when I wear them as a necklace.

Sarah said...

Dom is VERY bright! I do agree that Uggs are a good boot to tuck into, I don't own any. I may have to break down and actually get a pari of winter boots this year...Traverse gets 40-50 more inches of snow than Ann Arbor!

Anonymous said...

lol Candyland sounds like something scary!!! I can just hear the eery horror music as he said that! Too cute!

Girl, I can't tuck jeans into my boots either - my hips are just too wide for that! LOL

Scarves...I've never tried that. Maybe I should go buy myself one!