Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i am already tired of the cold....

no i do not want some cheese to go with my whine, thankyou very much! i am jsut tired of the cold weather.

i realize the worst is yet to rear its ugly head and that 50 degrees maybe doesnt qualify as cold yet, but i am sick of it none the less. that added to the fact that i am generally so cheap and i live with two human heaters, that we don't turn on the heat until november. by bank account thanks me.... frozen hands do not.

i bought new clothes online for the little guy last week and they arrived yesterday. thankgod, cuz if i had to out one mroe pair of pants on him that only reached to his ankles and then pull up his ankle socks to cover the gap, i swear...

i am usually more prepared...blah blah blah, this year i'm not. well i wasn't. i am now:)
thinking of trying to sell the old clothes on craigs list. anyone ever done this before? they are in great condition and they are nice brands.....

so i have been using thisblog as therapy lately, and you all help so much. but i am wondering what are your thougths on an actual therapist? does anyone/has anyone ever been to one? pro
s/con's/thoughts on it?

be honest, i want to know.

i wish i had some fabulous story to tell, but i don't. i have been boring lately, mostly working. who isn't, right?

looking forward to halloween and trickor treating with my little guy:)

and this morning? well we are baking pumpkin face sugar cookies:)


Anonymous said...

Instead of craigslist, you could try a consignment shop. That's what I do with some of our clothes. They take a portion of the money they get, but usually it's pretty small and you don't have to hassle with shipping clothes, etc. :)

No thoughts on the therapist. My stepbrother sees one and my MIL is one... but that's as close as I've come to them.

Kristina P. said...

Well, I'm a social worker, work with therapists everyday, encourage parents to get their teenagers into counseling, and have been to a therapist.

I went to a therapist about 3 years ago, to deal with a very minor anxiety issue. I highly, highly recommend it. It's very therapeutic! :) No, but it's great to have an objective sounding board, and it really helped.

I would recommend it to anyone.