Friday, October 16, 2009

out of the mouth of babes...

So sadly, i am not that interesting and I fear that those of you who are brave enough to be my friend on facebook and my bloggy friend as well may have already read this...

But i still can't stop laughing...

so my husband and son don't co-habitate in beds well. They tend to both be squirmers and floppers. and snorers and well, just not fit to nap together.

However, on the occasion that they still choose to share a bed, it always causes something for me to laugh about for days to come.

Upon waking last weekend from their nap this was the conversation i overheard:

dad: "dom, you kicked me while we were sleeping"

son: "well, daddy, all i have to say to that is, do you have any proof? because if not, then it never happened"

i swear, bloggy friends, i couldn't make this up.

sometimes, god just gives you a good laugh because its what you need. just as relieving as a good cry can be, so can a laugh:)

my son will be elvis for halloween. How does a 7 yr old even know about elvis, let alone care enough to want to dress up like him?

well, it all started with lilo and stitch. if you've ever seen it, then you know alot of songs are the kings. then move onto daddy seeing how much you like said songs because you run around the house singing them, and daddy decides to get some old elvis movies and watch them together. throw in some microwave popcorn and it is the stuff 7 yr olds dream of, a movie night with daddy.

so then said 7 yr old begins to impersonate elvis, and actually sounds like him. through some conversation, it turns out elvis is the current hero, far superior to any old spiderman or transformer costume.

for a mere $69.99, your son can not only look like the king, but he can stand there in his white jumpuit, offer you some burnin' love and then inform you that he got old and fat and died on the toilet while taking a poop.

ok, maybe the costume costs money and the extra info came from daddy. either way, the people handing out the candy in our neighborhood are gonna get more than they bargained for this year.

thankyou all for the much needed advice on the big things going on for me, i hate sounding whiney on here, my life is far from miserable, and i don't want this blog to turn into a place where i say woe is me all the time. come to think of it, i never want to say woe is me, but anyway...

sometimes i have to get it out, so thankyou for being there and coming back when i do have diarrhea of the mouth:)


Sarah said...

It's your blog, say what you want. Plus, it's sometimes best to get advice from strangers that are not bias(ed). Of course I'm not bias(ed) but I think Traverse City is a wonderful place to be a nurse...Munson Medical Center more specifically. ;)

Anonymous said...

Since My Baby Left Me... *does hip shake* LOL I can't wait to see the Elvis pictures!