Saturday, October 3, 2009

i don't like flowers and dopey that much...

why is it that in mostly every store, the clothes for "plus sized" women have no shape and some kind of big ass flower or disney character on it? and why is a size 12 now considered plus size?

I went shopping yesterday for some business clothes. i have been going to some meetings for my job and there are two choices, business dress or scrubs. ok, i get it, no jeans and flips flops right? which is totally my thing. but, one does tend to feel alittle bit like an ass when you are the only one wearing scrubs. so, since these meetings aren't just gonna disappear, i guess i needed at least 2 pairs of dress "slacks" as my grandmother used to call them, and a few tops. now don't get me wrong, i wish i had some kind of fashion sense.

like those hookers fabulous girls who can throw together a look mixed up with trends and involving boots and scarf. i can see it in my head, and i try, i really do. the problem is when i see it in my head and then in the mirror, it never looks the same.

so i went to my favorite store these days, jc pennys. and can you believe it, i actually found pants that fit! and they weren't even teh same kind just in different colors! they were different kinds one in charcoal and one in black. the pants gods must have smiling down on me.

maybe it has to do with the fact that all my child hood shopping was at kmart and goodwill. or maybe the fact that once i moved on as an adult, my shopping places were old navy and walmart.
not that there is anythign wrong with those places, i guess its just kinda that as i expand my need for clothes and fabulous boots and attempt to throw myself together in a more mature fashion, they aren't gonna cut it anymore.

which brings me to jeans. i actually found a pair yesterday that fit! they looked good, fit good and were on sale. which meant i still paid about 50 bucks for them. but honestly, when thrown nest to 20 walmart jeans, it was obvious that there were worth the extra money.

now i sound snotty, and i don't mean to, i guess what had happened is this, since i am overweight, (maybe alittle less now than before) i never bothered to think i coudl still look nice. i jsut wore tshirts and jeans and went with it.
what i am finally figuring out is that i can look better even with the rolls. oh my god, did i jsut say that? so i am on a mission and you girls can join if you want. getting ever closer to thirty, i am determined that this will be my defining fashion era. i WILL look better, i WILL spend more on clothes and i WILL try new things.

boots over top of jeans? i am nervous but i want to so so so bad. any tips you have for this venture? i love shoes and heels and have a small collection that i have yet to put to good use out of fear of looking fatter.
so help me step out of my closet and into the fashion world! another blog you may know does fashion friday and though i am addicted to it and read it multiple times throughout the week, she takes questions and gives answers. i would rather do kind of like lets pick a weekly topic, you leave advice in the comments and then i will post it all together every saturday. are you in? i am gonna assume you are and claim the first topic to be the boots and jeans thing. any kind, any advice! let me have it!

and avoid all things characters and large neon flowers in clothes, that i am sure is sound fashion advice!


GRAMEE said...

You are much younger than me, but I also refuse the "old lady stuff"
Years ago Lane Bryant became the trendy
"Plus Size Store" I never hesitate to
go there and grab a few things and they always have great clearance bargains. My daughter in law buys most of her clothing there now.
I am personaly AFRAID of the jeans tucked inside the jeans.. it is darling on girls your age! do it! I am too old I would look like I am trying to be young!

Kristina P. said...

Pants are my archnemisis. Seriously. I love skirts and dresses and I wear them all the time. Even in the snowy winter. I went to Old Navy and tried on like 12 pairs of jeans, and found nothing!!

Sarah said...

I don't really have a whole lot of fashion sense. I will admit, in shame, that I do own a pair of jean that were over $150. They are William Rast (J. Timberlake's company). They were worth it, I feel good in them.

No jeans tucked inside boots (can anyone pull that off?), no "skinny jeans" (NO ONE looks good in those!).

I don't outfit of choice is usually workout pants and a hoodie. Heels with jeans are always a plus!

The Rambler said...

Your talking to another fat girl who's scared to venture out of Old Navy :)

But I'm keeping my eye on you and maybe YOU will help me shed that fear.

Take photos!!

Anonymous said...

:) You kill me! I hate spending money on clothes, but I have decided that my favorite jeans are worth the $70 I spend on them. Granted, I don't have that many pairs of them, but I have enough to get me through the weekend or whatnot.

Boots. I love boots, but almost never wear them....for fear of making my hips look wider LOL