Tuesday, April 7, 2009

back to the grind

so we have been home for a week now. i guess its kinda like riding a bike, you never really forget. except i did forget two things.
one: the floor i work on at the hospital really has a rather unpleasant smell, consisting of poop, mucous, disinfectant and rot. i guess maybe after being there you get used to it and don't smell it anymore. but then when you leave for 3 weeks, you re-experience it for a few days.
second: i forgot how much of a bitch guinevere is sometimes. after not seeing her for a month, we were reunited on saturday morning. and then just to show me how much she missed me, she introduced me to some of her friends. some assorted weight machines. it has been my goal to start toning in addition to cardio in april. so every other day i meet up with those bastards to push myself even harder. sounds like fun, huh?
still managing to keep my tan, and i have to be honest in addition to the long list of things i already do that i will probably regret when i am older, i have decided to jump into a tanning bed once or twice a week until summer just to maintain. feel free to lecture me on skin cancer.
if anyone was wondering where some of your food came from, i have a 7 year old just dying to educate you on the matter.
"mommy, chicken fingers come from chickens, right?"
"but chickens don't really have fingers, so it is their meat, right?"
"and hamburgers come from cows, but it is really the meat inside them, right?"
yup. (boy this kid catches on quick.....)
"and hotdogs come from pigs, right"
"isn't it great how they just poop them right out in the right shape?"
oh yes son, among all the things we eat pig "poop" is the most convenient, being preshaped by the pigs body and everything.
i tell you, he never ceases to amaze me with the things he says.
something else i learned this week.....
one of my patients was extremely confused beginning at 8pm every night. it was the magic hour, she lost her mind at exactly 8. she would strip down naked and wander around. each time i put her in her special low bed that was only 6 inches off the ground to keep her from falling, and put a bed alarm on her and give her snacks and magazines to keep her occupied. i would leave and go into the next room and turn around and there she was behind me, naked.
saturday night she had a visitor, and if ever a man looked like he drinks nothing but beer all day long.....
he stops me in the hall way and proceeds to tell me that all black men have a hobby of holding poor innocent kittens still while they burn their whiskers off with a lighter. i'm not really sure where he came up with this bit of knowledge, i'm sure all the alcohol i could smell on him had nothing to do with it.....
anyway, he is telling me the patient rescues these kittens and cares for them. and he has been caring for them since she's in the hospital.
i finally tear myself away from that fascinating trip to drunk land.... and realize a coworker, who happens to be a black male, was standing there and he is not amused.
i try to explain to him it isn't worth his time. just let it alone, who cares what the walking six pack of pabst blue ribbon said anyway.
he agrees and walks down the hallway. only to have mr. drunk guy approach me again.
my coworker shouts down the hall way to me " hey jineen, watch out or i'm gonna burn the whiskers off your kitty".
this flew right over mr. drunk guys head, but certainly didn't miss everyone else in the hallway, who didn't miss the sexual innuendo.....
i guess maybe it's funnier in person, but i'm still laughing my ass off.
so my education this week has been much, and my sleep has been little.
i have missed you all, and will leave with a few pics from key west:)

atlantic ocean.....
gulf of mexico side.....


i'm a lucky girl.....

i did this alot:)

the weather, water, everything was beautiful!

late night swim:)

love you all



The Rambler said...

yeah....your back.

But boo too. Wish vacation was all the time and we just had to work 2 weeks a year! Wouldn't THAT be great :)

Anonymous said...

Cute pics!

My 7 yr old is exactly the same way. Except not only wondering where stuff came from she also is obsessed with "If you could pick..." and it ranges from numbers, to cars,to going back in time, to food, to people etc, I think you get the drift.

Must be a stage.

Enjoy being back to the grind. Coming back from vacations suck.

Cammie said...

LMAO about the kitty. heehee. oh and I have the same pic of me and my DH at that spot in key west

Janna Bee said...

You are a funny gal!

Kristina P. said...

YOu should try those spray tans and let me know how it goes. I've always wanted to, but have been a little afraid.

I am Harriet said...

Neat pics!
Stopping by from SITS to say hello :)

Hit 40 said...

That hospital smell is something! I candy striped as a kid thinking nursing was for me. I was put on the heart attack floor. A little much for a kid. Turned me right off!!!

Megan said...

Yup, I'd say you've had some rather interesting conversations lately. lol

Love the pics! Especially the sunset. Gorgeous!