Saturday, April 25, 2009

weird phobia's

i am sitting here and it is 2:30 am. my husband is asleep and my son is playing in his room. if you've been here before, it doesn't surprise you that we are up. if not, it is such a long and boring story...

anyway, i just had the pleasure of watching my son re-enact WORD FOR WORD the movie of horton hears a who. yes folks, we are talking 2 hours of him jumping, running, speaking and acting with his toys. i lost the ffelingin my feet about 30 mins in, starting nodding off by 50 mins in, realized that i may be stuck in his room forever about 1hr and 20 mins in, and finally when i actually felt like i was gonna start crying at 1hr and a half, i told him to finish it up.

that's when he told me after the credits there would be a "making of" part. thanks disney and warner brothers. thanks for showing my son how to prolong my agony.

needless to say i am still alive. don't judge me, you try sitting through it. he even makes tickets and gets you popcorn and soda. come on by. see if you can last.

so anyway, the phobia thing. as he was crashing around his room and jumping on and off his bed (it doesn't count as jumping mommy, it isn't really me, it's the movie...) he came dangerously close to my face more than once. which caused me to flinch and move back.

it reminded me of my worst fear. having one(or gulp...more than one) of my teeth be knocked out.

i am so scared of this happening. i don't even know how it started, all i know is that i am terrified of it. the thought of walking around even for mere minutes with a tooth missing makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

i have a recurring nightmare, 2 actually about teeth. the first started when i was really young that this boy and i were walking home from school (like age 7 or 8) and there is a hill. and over the hill comes this creepy old man with an old, ragged, button up night shirt on. but he isn't walking because at the bottom of the night shirt is nothing. he is kind of bobbing along. he comes up to me and starts pulling out his teeth and holds my hand with his other hand and sticks the teeth in my fingers. and the teeth just keep growing back in his mouth. and the kid i was with, ran away.

the second one is that i wake up and go to school/work whatever, and i all of the sudden can't open my mouth because when i do my teeth are so long and jagged and deformed that it doesn't look like i am opeing it. it is like some kind of weird lockjaw and i try to stretch it open and a whole lot of saliva is dripping and the teeth are like 4-5 inches long.

ok, so if i haven't freaked you out yet....and you are still reading......a few days before jerm and i were married we had a car accident. basically i was asleep in the front seat, (seat belt on) and jerm was driving. he apparently fell asleep going 60 miles an hour and hit a car stopped at a red light. my seat belt broke and my head broke the windshield. i do not recall any of this, but he tells me i was unconscious for a while, and when i finally came to, the first thing i asked was "are my teeth ok?". apparently i asked the medics, the police, him, my mother, the german lady we hit and the doctors at the hospital.

so my biggest phobia is something happening to my teeth.

number 2? telephone poles at night. haven't found anyone else who shares that phobia. the story behind is much more of a mystery as i do not have nightmares about them, and actually have to see one at night to be scared of it. it's so silly, i know.

so, does anyone else have a weird phobia?

also, i just wanted to say thankyou for such caring and understanding comments on my last post. i really needed to get it out, and i was afraid of it coming across the wrong way. believe me, i know i am lucky in so many ways. but no one seemed to take it the wrong way. i am more grateful than i can express for all of you!


p.s. shauna, heather and becky, can you please email me your address's? you are my winners from pay it forward, and i want to get those presents off to you all finally!


Kristina P. said...

I have anxiety about my husband dying, but I think that's a normal fear.

I don't really have any weird phobias. So I will just laugh at you.

The Rambler said...


Alright...confessional here.

I dream of my teeth falling out. Freaks me out and I wake up spitting thinking I'm actually losing my teeth.

I'm tagging you in my Mondays' post.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I don't think I could take the whole movie thing at 2am...or any other time.. Although, I think I have some type of ADD where I can't sit still for that long! LOL

I don't mind if you post your running stats, too - trust me! :)

Hope you're having a grand Monday!