Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tag your it...

so here i am at a wonderful 2 am typing away while my husbands naps on the couch and my kid plays in his room. i hope we get to actually see the sun this week, i like warmth, plus the whole vitamin d thing and all....

anyway, i am both excited about and dreading saturday. why? well happy because i get to have my husband to myself all evening, and there is dancing and an open bar, which means i will be drunk within minutes. plus our babysitter is willing to come and spend the night at the hotel so we can be drunk and walk to our room. not happy, i have to wear a dress, and my family will be there. but again, i will be drunk. so.....mostly i'm excited. i am truly appreciative for everyone;s support, some new people made comments, which really touched my heart!

i have been tagged by a fabulous bloggy friend, and you should totally check her out if you don't already follow her....

8 Things I'm looking forward to

1. summer vacation
2. may 21st: i will have been faithfully exercising for 6 months that day
3. completing my yearly performance evaluation for work so i can just be done with it!
4. dancing and drinking on saturday with the love of my life
5. truly fitting into a smaller size, as in no muffin top here!
6. having 4 nights off beginning friday night
7. going out friday night with the girls!
8. spending some time with my little man:)

8 things I did yesterday

1. drank an alcoholic drink at 8am
2. went to sleep at noon
3. woke up at 8pm
4. went to work at 11pm
5. gave an enema to a not happy patient first thing when i got off the elevator (seriously, how deranged am i?)
6. ate kashi cereal with strawberries while everyone else ate chinese food
7. ran on the treadmill and did strength stuff
8. had another drink at 8 am
(in my defense, i never claimed to have a very fabulous and exciting life....)

8 things I wish I could do

1. buy a house
2. go back to school and get my masters degree ( ok, i'll be honest, i will be doing that in septmeber, but i wish i could just go and pay for it and pick it up and bring it home all in the same day....)
3. lose weight
4. be a bit more confident
5. get lasik eye surgery
6. a 5k
7. win the lottery and never work again
8. have another baby

8 shows I watch

1. big love, i don't know what it is about this show but i freakin love it
2. house
3. law and order svu
4. the real world/road rules challenge crap (yeah i know i'ts crap but its like an acciddent, i can't.stop.watching.)
5. the soup (how else can i keep up with the important news?)
6. criminal minds
7. jon and kate plus eight (i donot care how people think kate treats her husband, i love the way she is so organized)
8. i guess i don't have another, although i'll think of something after i hit publish, i am not home most nights to watch t.v. and i don't have DVR or ti-vo, i know some of you a gasping for air at that statement)

8 people to tag

1. Trying to Stay Calm!
2. My Life As It Should Be
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4. Infertile Myrtle
5. It's Trickey
6. Mama Loco
7. Janana Bee
8. Pulsipher Predilections

whew! that was a long one:)

so i hope you are all having a great day, and i will leave you with this bit of wisdom from a 7 year old. (yes cammie if you are reading this i already left it on your comments, but i thought that everyone should be able to share, you think it is a coincidence that his name (dom) is actually in the word wisdom?)

me "dom, why are you not listening? how can you be good all day and jsut now decide to behvae so badly?"

dom "because mommy, there is an angel on one of my shoulders, and a devil in the other. i can't let the angel have his way all the time! it just wouldn't be fair."

love to you all


The Rambler said...

Did you eat the Kashi cereal RIGHT after giving the patient his enema?


And stop. YOUR FABULOUS!!!

jineen said...

i am laughing to myself right now, because i did eat the kashi cereal right after giving it. they even looked somewhat the same color......

Kristina P. said...

I have to admit, I almost never do tags, but I might surprise you one day!

And I totally watch The Real World/Road Rules challenge too.

Anonymous said...

I did the tag!

And does that say you've ran almost 10 miles since Saturday?! Way to go! Awesome!

Cher said...

congrats on your faithful exercising for 6 months! Wow, that is a feat. I haven't been able to pull that off yet..unless you count gym in junior high! :) Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I did that list last week too and it was fun! dancing and drinking with the love of your life sound terribly romantic! Hope you have a great time:)