Saturday, May 16, 2009

dirty mouth? clean it up out!

I am sure you may know by now if you are following that I am trying to commit to a change in my life. I am so tired of people saying and treating me however they feel and expecting me to lay down and take it. it has caused so much inner turmoil in my life that i can hardly stand it anymore. a few times in the last few weeks i have been able to say what i wanted to, but it is so hard for me. usually someone is nasty or mean and then i say something to smooth it over and then go home and toss and turn instead of sleep. i think about what i should have said. mostly it doesn't even need to be mean, i just think of things that i could have said that would have shut them right up, or made them feel like and ass for even saying or behaving the way they did.

oh sure, i can be witty, approx. 1-2 hours after i have had time to think of what i should have said. oh yeah i can get my point across, but i generally sound like i am trying to make nice.

please don't get me wrong, i don't want to turn into some sort of nasty bitch who says whatever she wants. i would be no better than the very people that I despise.

what i do want to do is get it off my chest. i want to become better poised and prepared to say what needs to be said in such a way that the other person feels as though they want to apologize or leave me alone.

so, in the spirit of getting it off my chest, i give you....

Clean out your mouth !!!!!!!!!!!

tired of everyone else saying what they want? do you often think of just the right thing to retort only it is hours later? join me in cleaning up out your mouth!

this week i have encountered several times i need to cleanse myself of...

on sunday i decided to "stop by" on my way to work at my parents house to say happy mothers day to my mom and happy birthday to my sister. after standing at their door and knocking for 15 minutes, it seemed that they would not be answering the door. i knew they were there as i could see them taking turns peeking out the windows to see who it was. i guess they realized i wasn't going away because they finally opened the door. their excuse? oh, we thought you were a jehovah's witness. my response? oh, hahaha, that's funny.

i should have said " I am sure you saw me ehile peeking out the window and got worried i had my whole fmaily with me and that maybe i would go away but i really wanteed to see you. don't worry i am on my way to work so i won't be here long.

at work on monday night, a doctor who i am friends with stopped by to say hello. i had a pleasant conversation with him about his upcoming wedding and where he was transferring to so that he could be closer to his wife's job. afterwards a coworker approached me in front of everyone and let me know how inappropriate it was for me to be friendly with a doctor and that it didn't look good to anyone else. my response? " really? i was just talking to my friend....."

what i should have said " i know that you like to tell everyone here that i am a trouble maker, but it seems to me that you are the only one trying to start trouble today."

then at the end of the week, we had a wonderful employee celebration day and there was one person (incidentally the same coworker as above) who was so negative about the whole event that took months to plan, she said she wished they had just called her off so she didn't have to be there for it. i just walked away.

i should have said " it's a shame they didn't so that someone who would have appreciated it could have been here instead. oh yeah, please feel free not to take your gift or any food, since you didn't want it anyway."

so i guess you get the idea here? need to clean out your own mouth? feel free, i will try and get a mr. linky up so we can all share:) if this idea is something you all like i will try and do it every saturday:)

love to you all (p.s. i am using the picture above until i can find out how to make my own button...any hints?)


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Kristina P. said...

Ha! I am being transferred to our main office for the summer, to help clean up their mess, and train someone else to take over. Which means I now get to work from 4-midnight.

I really wanted to say, "So, because I'm a good worker and actually competent, I am getting the short end of the stick by never getting to see my husband now?"

Blech. It will be fine for 3 months, but it's not fair!