Tuesday, May 5, 2009

time to play catch up:)

I swear time is just slipping away from me every day. I really want to post about the last few days but i also really want to lay downon the couch because i am not feeling well. i think if i do lay down i amgoing to fall asleep which wouldn'tbe good considering i need to sleep tomorrow for work tomorrow night.....

this past week has just been full. not anything super exciting mind you but full. I started cleaning my sons room with him last week, and oh was it a chore! i am the kind of cleaner that i like to take everything out of the room, clean the space and then gradually sort and organize and put things back. this generally takes me a few hours and with the king of the world's room it is usually interupted about 107 times by him asking can i play with that now mommy? this is probably because this freakin kid has more than his share of toys and hasn't seen some of them since the last time we cleaned his room.

this time i decided at 7 years old, he should be able to do more than cheer me on while i cleaned. i also decided his collection needed to shrink abit. he was not happy at this prospect. so anyway, after listening to him teach me about how only teenagers have to clean their rooms and not 7 year olds, i gave up 6 hours into it. this means there was a pile my height in the middle of the room and me laying on the floor too tird to do any more. i guess he got sick and tired of waiting for us to finish because yesterday ( yes a week after we started) he proudly called me into his room to show me that he had finished himself.

every toy was pushed up against the wall making a rather pleasant "toy frame" around the room. but the center was clean and he had room to play. good enough for me!

I have continued to exercise, but i admit it isn't going to happen today, i am so freakin tired and sick.

friday night i got to have dinner and movie night with the girls and we started planning my friends wedding for next may! i am so excited about it, one because i am in the wedding and 2 because i love planning stuff!

saturday was my uncles wedding and it was so much fun. maybe that's why i am so sore.....open bar and dancing for hours.....

i was able to stand my family for the brief time they were there.

i sat down at the table and pretended i didn't see them. my mom managed to catch my attention and motion me over. i shook my head no like a 3 year old and motioned her my way.

she sits down and asks me if i have been nosy looking through her information at the hospital. i try to contain my anger and let her know that is illegal and no i do not look at her info. she asks if i am sure. i ask her what exactly is she getting at.

she tells me that she went to the doctor and they did a biopsy. for cervical cancer. she didn't want to tell me because i am a worrier.

i tell her that is bullshit. she should have called me. it would be better to have something to worry about than sit there wondering why i am not a part of our family.

she says that is silly.

i tell her she should have called me.

she says my father isn't handling it too well because his mom died of cervical cancer.

i say tough shit, it isn't about him. i tell her she should have told me so someone could go with her. god knows no one in my family but me ever steps up. she says it isn't that serious yet. she'll find out in 2 weeks. i tell her i love her and i expect a call in 2 weeks.

the ceremony starts and she goes back to her seat without saying anything else. i guess i won't hold my breath.

my sisters and i avoid eachother. they point out to my husband that i am not speaking ot them. he tells them maybe you should make the effort. we continue throughout the meal without speaking.

at the end of dinner i get up to use the bathroom. i tell my mom and sisters that my son is upstairs and they are welcome to stop by and see him. i get back from the bathroom and they are gone.

the cake hasn't been cut, the dancing and celebrating hasn't begun and they are gone. no goodbye. or maybe it is jsut the goodbye i should have expected.

whatever. i can honestly say that even though it didn't go how i always hope it will, i feel that at least i let my feelings be known and didn't just give in and get myself hurt like every other time.

yesterday i went to the dentist, i was dreading it all weekend and it was only a cleaning.....which didn't turn out too bad, but somehow i find myself going in today to have 3 fillings...

how did that happen? if i am dreading a cleaning how did i let them talk me into fillings. 3 of them, the very next day?

and also on that note, i swear, i had no dental care during my childhood, and went only once or twice up until 2 years ago. i never really had problems with my teeth. now i have been going faithfully every 6 months and getting my cleanings, and i swear that i have had more cavities in the last few years than ever before.....

so how have you all been? managing to stay away from swine flu? we haven't had it at my hospital yet.....knock on wood......

just waiting for this rain to stop and some sun to come out, trying to get a summer vacation planned and trying to get some sleep! some day it will happen!

hope you are all having a great week and if you hear screaming this morning around 9:20, don't worry, it's just me at the dentist.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for letting your feelings be known at the wedding! I'm proud! :)

Also, I'd been to the dentist twice when I was 24...didn't have a single cavaity... I went in a year ago and suddenly I have a mouth full of problems! How does this happen? I'd sure like to know! LOL Don't scream too loudly :D

Cammie said...

I have missed you!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go standing firm at the wedding. I can totally understand my family has dysfunction for our middle names!

The dentist stinks, I fear him more than having a baby, I swear!

I am loving the "toy frame" my daughter does the same thing, when I tell her that if she just would put stuff away when she is done playing with it, she would have such a mess, she responds with "I am just going to play with it later so why put it away!"

Kristina P. said...

That completely sucks about the wedding, but good for you for standing your ground.

I hope you have a less drama filled weekend!

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Just found your blog through SITS and wanted to stop by and say hello! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Sandy