Thursday, September 17, 2009

i'm sure you've heard of this one....

so in a few short hours the torture will begin, ladies and let me tell you it is all i can think about.

isn't that a fun way to start a post?

so i am doing this cleanse diet thing. i hate diets, and well really anything that limits my intake of food. of course since hubby and i got serious about healthy eating last november, i have been more careful about what i put in my body, i still love food.

but i need a metabolism jump start. i have hit a plateau, and after injuring my toe and knee, i am back in the gym and loving it. but, i also had vacation where i ate out a ton, and now i just feel.....icky.

so this diet i did when i was a teen in my quest to see the outlines of my organs through my belly, has resurfaced. of course now i am searching for the outline of my waist, not liver.

it is 7 days long, and tho i refuse to be stuck on a diet, but would rather change my eating habits all together, this "cleanse" while super hard, has been successful for me before. it is hard to finish, and i am thankful none of you will be within this state while i am doing it, because, well lets face it... i won't be pleasant.

i tried everything i could to cut down on the chances of a total melt down. i won't be pms-ing, and i will be working 5 out of the 7 nights. i think hubby summed it up perfectly when he said "oh thank god, for me, not your patients at work."

so babble, babble, it is

day one: all fruits as much as you want and cabbage soup (no banana's)

day two: all veggies, as much as you want and cabbage soup. (no beans, peas or corn) one med. baked potato with butter, no salt

day three: fruits and veggies and cabbage soup (no potato, banana's, peas, beans or corn)

day four: up to 8 banana's and 8 eight oz glasses of skim milk guessed it cabbage soup

day five: up to 20 oz of ground beef and 6 tomatoes, cabbage soup

day six: up to 20 oz of ground beef and veggies (same no-no's as before) and cabbage soup and oh thank god, fruit juice-unsweetened

day seven: (if you are still alive) rice, fruits and veggies

the cabbage soup is homemade, there is a recipe.

so maybe you've heard of it, or even tried it. if you have, you know what i am in for. online it mentions one thing that deterred people was the amountof flatulence that occurs because of all the fiber. ha! can't wait!

so i am gonna try and blog about it, because i know you are just dying to know about my cleanse, and my farts.

i apologize in advance for anything i type that is less the pleasant. please excuse me fo rthe next 7 days as i try to rejuvenate my colon:)


Anonymous said...

Wow. I've read of some other people doing this diet. I think the girl lost like 7lbs? Anyways, I prefer to do Weight Watchers. And yes, I'm halfway doing WW right now. I say halfway because I can't diet and run... I need carbs. So, I've been watching what I eat and cooking the WW recipes for dinner. So far, so good I guess.

Hubs and I go on the WW from time to time. It works and it's pretty easy to follow. If we would actually stick to the plan, we'd be skinny rails by now! ha! But, we rarely find recipes that we just LOVE. That's why I had to post that one yesterday. It was awesome.

Kristina P. said...

Good luck! I'm going to eat a cookie now.

Trac~ said...

LOL - too funny! Stopping by from SITS!

Good luck with your "cleanse" and let us know how it is each day. I don't particularly care for cabbage, so I'm not sure I could really do that particular type of cleanse - but, I too, need to do something and SOON!

Hugs, Trac~ ;O)

Sarah Brown said...

Best of luck...I will be back to check on you!

Janna Bee said...

My sister did this cleanse and lost a TON of weight. Thanks for detailing how it goes, I am contemplating doing this myself.