Wednesday, September 30, 2009

oh i knew so much when i was little

So, i am alive. i survived the diet and i have lived to tell about it. I lost 10 pounds and one week later have gained back three. i guess i expected it, water weight and all, so i am happy. except it was an entire wasted week spent praying for the end of the day, each and every day. now i am eating healthier though, which isn't a bad outcome....

so anyway, i have been consumed with school, and i guess that isn't getting any better, maybe i better get used to it....

and i had a big meeting with the boss, one on one today. I feel like i was honest, and he was honest. so ok. i still have a job, and i am gonna hang in there for now...

and i am getting a nicotine patch tonight. yes ladies, i want to quit smoking and i guess there is no better time. so from diet to no cigarettes i am a glutton for punishment. and by the way, if i ever talk about doing that diet again, remind me for the love of god...


so, aside from all that boringness, have you ever opened your mouth, onlyl to find your foot firmly lodged in it?
there have been many times when my big fat mouth got me into trouble as a child. oh how i wish i still had that abillity to say whatever i wanted to whenever i needed to.

my birthday is may28th. it often falls somewhere on the memorial day weekend. so it is the unofficial start of summer. i have always know this.

pools open, people start going on vacation. it used to be that school was nearing an end, i guess not so much anymore, but used to be.

so like i said, i always knew my birthday represented the unofficial start of summer.

emphasis on the unofficial. which my mom kinda forgot to mention.

so i was playing with some other little girls from the apartment complex. all nice like on the front steps, back when you could go outside and play at the age of 6 and not worry about getting stolen by some pervert. your mom would call your name every now and then and as long as you answered you were good.

so anyway, some how we got to talking about the impending arrival of summer and this girl who was a year or two older than me said summer starts june 21st.

i was aghast. um, no dumbass it starts may 28th.

she informed me of my error and let me know in fact it started june21st.

i started yelling at her.

"no! my mom told me summer starts at my birthday and my birthday is may 28th!"

"no jineen, your birthday is a whole month before summer! you DO NOT have a summer birthday so hah!"

i burst into tears and ran into the house to seek assurance from my mother that i was in fact right, as usual.

guess what?

my birthday is that unofficial start of summer.

real summer starts june 21st.

please educate your may babies.


Kristina P. said...

My birthday is May 12th. I have never been told this in my life!

And congrats on the weight loss!