Wednesday, September 2, 2009

oh girlies i have missed you so:)

so i am not even gonna lie, i haven't yet been able to catch up on everyones blogs:( i have been reading and reading but i'm not even half way there. and i start school tonight, so i figured to hell with it, i love you all and i am gonna read but i have to post, it's now or never. or at least another week.

my fingers have been itching for this moment, and finally the time has come. not that i had something spectacular to share, i just miss sharing.

vacation was fabulous and i felt so rested after that i had a well thought out plan to win the lottery so that i could be on vacation forever. i knew the powerball was climbing and there was even a 7-11 on the way to work. i grabbed my 3 bucks and marched in, dollar signs in my eyes. bought my tickets and tucked them safely in my pocket.

all night i dreamed of sunfilled days spent lounging about while my private chef created sumptuous meals that were both yummy AND healthy. my little guy would have private tutors instead of homeschooling mommy and daddy, and a personal trainer who really could work miracles with this belly.

needless to say, when i didn't even get one number.......

i quit my gambling habit and went back to work.

and worked

and worked

and worked.

i also slept and ate. ohyeah and dragged myself back to guinevere, who did not let me get by without a severe lashing for staying away so long. i tried to tell her about the broken toe, but she isn't capable of sympathy.

my son asked me did i have any goodluck charms to help me with the lottery and i said no...and he said well what is goodluck anyway? i explained and he then let me know that i had several options to choose from...

" well mommy, pennies, horse shoes, 4 leaf clovers, ladybugs, a lucky rabbits foot or dice could help."

uh, dice?

"yeah, so you can roll snake eyes."

his knowledge of canada and luck are impressive.

now i want to get personal.

i want to talk about something that maybe some or many of you may relate to in some way or another.

facial hair. how much do you have? how do you get rid of it and how often? tell me, please. i have only in the past few years felt like i had more than when i was a teen and after a nasty chemical burn on my chin from nair that left me looking like i was beat by my husband, i am searching for ways, costs, at home vs. professional, help!

and so ladies i am gonna catch up on you all some more......



Kristina P. said...

I have posted about my hairy neck waddle, before. And in fact, I mention in it a post again tomorrow. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you're back!!! I missed you! :)

As for facial hair... I use the wax strips that you warm with your hands. They hurt a tad and you'll have a red mark for about an hour, but otherwise they're great! ha!