Monday, September 21, 2009


if i had a million dollars, i would say no thankyou. just a cheeseburger form the mcdonalds dollar menu please.

oh for the love of all things greasy, salty, tasty, yummy....well you get the idea.

i am at the end of day four and after eating three rather large bananas, if i ever see one again i am going to squish it into nonexistance in my fist.

i have drunk 4 glasses of fat free organic milk. loved that part.

i have had water and plain old non sweetened tea.

and now i want to go to bed and never think about it again.

i guess the whole point is to shrink my stomach and learn better portion control. oh yeah and clean myself out. which i have done.

four times over.

no weigh in tonight. i am home and would rather wait to use the same scale in the gym at work.

and i am doing homework. ugh.

starting school and a diet so close together, what a genius.

only 3 days left.

thank God.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it! I love unsweetened tea, but hate bananas! Hang in there... how many days are left??

Anonymous said...

Oh and btw, Gu and Carb Boom are two types of gels that you eat while you're running long distances. They are packed full of carbs and other helpful things such as vitamins, etc. You can also get them with added caffeine, but I don't use those. Anyways, they help alot when you start to feel rundown, by giving your body more carbs and calories!

Kristina P. said...

I love McDonald's cheeseburgers. And they are only 300 calories! Totally in your diet.