Thursday, January 29, 2009

fix it up friday!!!!

the number one essential tool in my gigantic bag of makeup (why do i have so much? and what was i thinking with that bright pink lipstick? oh well.....that's another day..)

meet my best friend....

my eyelash curler.

i assure you it isn't a device created for torture of poor unsuspecting women.....when used correctly and perfected (which takes some time believe me...) it can truly be your greatest trick up your sleeve. i never believed it...i have always had one.....many poor eyelashes have lost their short little lives to the horror of an eye lash curler....

your eyelashes can be fuller, thicker and really open your eyes up with an eyelash curler and some good mascara.

lets start with a few basics....

first you need this

and this......

once you have your equipment you can begin. use a mirror with good light.

make sure most of the rest of your makeup is finished, especially with the eyes so you aren't trying to avoid smudges.

start with clean eyelashes

i find it is easier to start with one eye at a time, first apply one coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes

then grab your eyelash curler and carefully, with it open, put your eyelashes through the slit being sure to get every eyelash through and clamp down for approx. 10-15 seconds. it should be as close to the lash/skin line as possible (and you'll know if its too close because you'll get pinched when you clamp).

apply mascara to the other eye (top and bottom lashes) and curl those lashes.

now your lashes are curled...

add one more coat to top and bottom lashes on both eyes and


see the difference....

then the finished product.....

its that words

in reality? it takes a few times to get it right but once you do, your eyelash curler will be your best friend!

I hope you are now more prepared to face the world....i know my eyelash curler has changed my life.
any suggestions for the next fix-it up friday? let me know in the comments!

seriously, i realize that this is not a life altering post, but it sure is fun to share and learn new stuff from others......and makeup is something i am working on, i mean we can't be deep and spiritual every second, i am sure God understands the need to be pretty :)
have a great weekend!


Cammie said...

holy crap, that is pretty impressive!