Thursday, January 22, 2009

i never thougt about this stuff when i was a teenager

so today i am feeling thankful that my job has such good benefits. i have always been aware of this, due to dom's medical issues that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars...but today i am REALLY thankful.

It all started back a day or so ago..... i work 12 hour night shifts from 7pm to 7 am 3 times a week. this week they were straight in a row....

oh and my new working out being healthy endeavor? well that includes a one hour trip to the gym at work every morning after work...

anyway, i get home after the second night, exhausted from all the stuff going on because well work wasn't any different than usual but working on the cardiac step down unit as the charge nurse wears on your nerves. your mind and your body and i was TIRED!

anyway i got home stinky and tired, got in the shower and he ( he meaning me husband) casually enters the bathroom and says " so i think i need a dentist appointment......tomorrow".

well, this is coming form the man who pretty much refuses dental work except in an emergency and the last time involved drilling, antibiotics, titanium screws, and about $1500.00.

so obviously he has chosen to tell me while i cannot chase him with a bat.

"well, jerm whats wrong?"

"well you remember a couple weeks ago when i got the beef jerky stuck in my gum and i wanted to get toothpicks and floss because other food kept getting stuck there and bothering me?"


"well, it never really got better and now it is hurting pretty bad and i can squeeze it and get blood out".


"and i know i should be taking better care of my mouth and i know we made a deal the last time that if you would just get it taken care of for me that i would never let it happen again, and i would go and get my teeth cleaned every 6 months...."

i get out of the shower and request to see it.


it is the size of a lima bean in his mouth, swollen and bloody and the gum looks infected!

"uh, yeah you have an abscess. i will call the dentist."

so the story is anti climactic.. i call the dentist he gets in the following day, they clean and clean and clean. he has some bone loss, but it can be fixed. penicillin, pain meds and prescription strength mouth wash, plus a visit next week to drill and fill.

and only about $80 when it is all said and done, dental work and prescription included.

so today i am thankful for the fact that i do not hold grudges about previously made promises and also that we have good benefits.

oh yeah, and when i was 16 and so in love with this man, (which i am still SUPER in love)
(abscess and all) i never thought i would be happy to have good dental coverage:)

what are you thankful for today?