Monday, January 26, 2009

just right

yup, that's right ladies, i had a night out with girl friends last night and it did not include hubby (though i do enjoy time out with him) or child (though again i do enjoy time out with him too) or work, it was just a night out with friends. and it was a whole night, not just a few hours! i left the house shortly before 4pm and did not return home until 1am.

But it was so much more than that.....

the whole day was great, not in the way that i really accomplished much, but just great because i got to do everything just how i wanted. You know what i mean, i had plans and i had ample time to get ready, my hair went just right, the outfit i planned to wear looked just right, the child behaved just right, even the directions were just right!

I got up in the morning ( i use morning quite loosely here because it was actually just after 12pm, and though that sounds incredibly lazy, i didn't go to bed until 3 am, i work night shift remember? it isn't so easy to get off that schedule)

i exercised, spent some time talking with hubby, showered, had LOTS of time to do something with my hair, (and if you read my earlier posts, i did find a way to do it....curled and with some teasing which i have never done before and of course my trusty bobby pin so as to be dressed up) (which by the way i received an text earlier in the day from my girlfriend letting me know that she spotted no less than 4 people at the mall with said bobby pin in their hair, letting me know i am in fact quite trendy even if i don't know it-lol)

so the hair was probably the best i have ever done it and my husband even agreed (and seemed somewhat jealous it wasn't for a night out with him)

i put on the good bra (lets be honest here, every woman has one, it just fits perfect, keeps the girls exactly where they should be- and more importantly keeps them from being exactly where they shouldn't) (ahem......mid abdomen...ahem)

so as i said it was just right

we had dinner, did some shopping and then had some drinks back at Darnita's house. it was relaxing, and fun. we talked and talked and laughed and talked and laughed, and there were no interruptions and no problems needing immediate solving by me!

my husband didn't care that i was out late and i could truly enjoy myself. Tell me, why did i think i needed to give this up? why did i spend years wishing for girlfriends and never allowing it to happen?

the good thing about being this age and getting new friends, i know what i want, and more importantly how to stay away from those friendships that just swallow you whole. they all have families too, and work and other things in their life, they don't need me 24 hours a day and they get it that i don't need them that way either.

God has truly blessed me with these woman, and i cannot remember the last time i had such a fun time!

and the other bonus? no guilt!
(i apparently have some inbred feature that causes me guilt anytime i do anything for myself and not the other members of my family)

so even though this post isn't super enlightening and i have nothing very valuable to add to your day, i am so happy that everything went just right!