Sunday, January 18, 2009

i am still a woman

*note: i should mention here that i am HAPPILY married to the same man for 8 years now...*

So, i have been married to the same man for over 8 years now (much better than being married to multiple men in 8 years) and our son just turned 7. i often find myself walking around the house ( well, wait, i guess i don't often find that, i often find my self at work, but when i am home...) in sweat pants.

Now, don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a good pair of sweatpants, (especially this particular pair dark gray with pink GAP on the side). but i am laughing at the fact that i never, ( yes i am saying NEVER) ladies, ever wore sweatpants before i had a child. i didn't even own a pair.

Now i have many pairs. They are warm and comfy ( both necessary in this 10 degree weather we're having...)

But then i pass a mirror and realize i haven't even combed my hair.

And i have been awake for 8 hours.

I did however manage to wash my face...

with water.

There was a day....many moons ago...when my husband would never have seen me this way. let alone any one else. I would get up early just to BE READY for the day with makeup and perfectly sculpted hair.

Now i am happy if my teeth are brushed. I have let myself go.

Not all the way but close. I realized it maybe a few months ago and have made some steps toward being me again. I guess i thought that being a mommy and wife, working full time and trying to maintain relationships with friends and extended family meant something had to go and apparently it was me. (not to mention the 120 lbs i put on during pregnancy-whole other story there- but i still weight that much and my kid is 7!)

So, my new years resolution this year is to get me back!

I love shoes and handbags and hair dye and painted nails, and pedicures and whatever. I like looking nice.

So here we go, lets make the outside and the inside beautiful! want to come along for the journey?

I promise the whole blog wont be about that, but just some here and there....

So i am reading these other blogs that i love and have learned two things, one is courtesy of big mama which is i need to get some can learn all you need here

and number two is that i need to have some common things that you can come to expect when you log onto my site.

I hope this isn't copying too much, but i would love to have an awesome site that people come any ideas for a theme/repeated event?

So 2009 is a year for a new me in many ways? what are your resolutions?