Saturday, September 19, 2009


ok, maybe i am exaggerating....slightly.

so i am right in the middle of day three of this oh so fabulous new way to torture myself. yesterday was all veggie day. i woke up pissy. not literally or anything, but just irritated. i am sure it had to do with eating all fruits the day before and then hitting the gym in the morning.

So i woke up mad. and i got more and more irritated. i had to come into work and when i got here things were not as they should be, i tried to fix it and was cut short. which just made me cry. because lets face it when you are tired and hungry and not having your way, you cry. well at least i do anyway.

so by the time i got to work i was shaking and i knew my sugar had to be pretty low. on this diet you are allowed one small glass of juice, which i was saving, however i drank it and took some tylenol. after about an hour i perked up, much to the relief of my co-workers. and probably y patients.

i weighed in at 216.8 lbs, so that made me happy.

i ate carrots and broccoli and drank water. i was so busy at work i didn't even have time to eat at work. so i missed my beautiful baked potato. i made myself go to the gym and work it out, which i felt satisfied. then when i got home, it was pure

i ate my potato which was probably one of the best things ever consumed by me:) it was creamy and fabulous. i went to bed full and happy.

i woke up tonight and felt ok, no shakiness, which is good because there is no fruit juice as an option. i am raring to go knowing that the worst three days are almost over.

2 last things to mention:

i haven't crapped yet, which i find alittle odd, however since i am burning off more than i am taking in i guess i'm not worried yet,

and i weighed in tonight at: 214.1

i know, i know, mostly water weight, but hey, i'm not complainin"

if i can only make it through tonight, i am in the home stretch:)


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

you are an inspiration

Naqvee said...

halo there, following you because i want to see what more is happening on your side! loved your post..
water weight will vanish soon, after Ramadan even I have grown more..need to check each other!
love Naqvee