Friday, June 26, 2009

i can't seem to get any more water out of this rock...

.....and by that i mean, i keep sittin down to type some wonderful and fabulous post, only to have it fizzle out on me. they keep coming out sounding like a steady hum of nothing. not even very interesting. i have left them in my draft box......

it is nearly the weekend and though it may end up being nice outside, i will be working all weekend. i know, you are all feelin gvery bad for poor little ole me at this point, but it's really ok. i don't mind working the weekend. when your man is a stay at home dad, it doesn't really take any time away to be gone on friday and saturday night.

i also really like the staff that works my weekend:) that always helps. my coworker from hades is back on my case, only this time, she almost made me lose my cool, which in my 3 years of being at my job has NEVER happend. thankfully she is even more stupid than she looks ( i am not sorry for saying that either...) she blurted out some not very nice things about me, which she usually does.....however, this time it was within earshot of our boss.

ha! now she is gonna get in trouble....

i am not usually this hateful i promise, but this girl has made my life at work a living hell the nights she is there. and i love my job.

so i finally got to run again today after taking a week off for my knee to get better. i wrapped it in an ace, put on my sneakers and ran like the wind couldn't run after 2.4 miles because i forgot to give my body fuel. i seriously hadn't eaten in over 8 hours. so i was pissed because i wanted to do like 3.5, my mind was telling me yes, but my body was telling me NO! so for once i decided not to be stubborn. though if i had passed out it would have been a good day for it since hubby was mad at me and then he would have had to feel bad for me instead...

speaking of which........can anyone answer me this......

if you had a fight in the middle of the grocery store, and your husband left to sit in the car while you got angrier and angrier pushed around the over flowing cart with no problem, and then got home and spoke nothing to eachother except "you coming running" " i guess, didn't know you wanted me to go". and then got to the track and he took the kid to the playground instead, and then you finished early and asked him to get the car cause you felt like you were gonna throw up...and then you got home and were all sweaty, and upset because the time was ticking away and you knew you had to get up for owrk by 5pm so in bed by 10am was the goal....

after ALL OF THAT....... why would he turn to you and suggest that having sex might make it all better?

it makes my head turn 360 degrees around even now!

(these days i find myself allowing myself to express my anger more than ever before...i have held it in most of my 27 years...)

also, maybe you know this, maybe you don't. i HATE grocery shopping. i used to love it, but that is no longer. i have been trying to sock away a little more money each month to savings and that means being a little thriftier at the store. i make a list of potential meals for the two weeks, make a grocery list of the things we need and then add in extras (laundry detergent, deodorant, whatever). i explicitly ask hubby multiple times what he wants to eat, what he needs hygiene wise.

i ask many times.

i haev my list, i know what is on sale at each store, i have coupons.

we get to the store and spend at least 50 more dollars and end up with at minimum 6 more things than i planned. for him.

only 6 you say? well considering we go to 3 stores, that translates into 18 freakin things he forgot. it isn't that i don't want him to have it, it's jsut that i would have gotten a coupon or looked for a sale or whatever. he just doesn't get it. and then i get mad. and then he puts stuff back and then i feel bad and throw it back in the cart. and then he says don't treat me like i'm a kid, and takes it back out of the cart. and then i snatch it out of his hands and BURY it in the cart and tell him i won' t treat him like a kid, if HE will stop acting like one.

it's the same story everytime. only i don't get embarrassed about it. he does and ends up walking away from me. at least until we get home, where he gets the brillant idea that sex will fix it.

so enough ranting and rambling on.

my little guy watched indiana jones for the first time, and fell in love. especially when he found out there are 3 other movies he can watch. and one of them has an ark in it. which is funny because he doesn't realize it isn't the same kind of ark that Noah had. which is his other favorite movie (evan almighty). he is obsessed with animals, beards and all things noah. ( anyone know where i could find a noah costume?). So anyway, he ran around humming the indiana jones theme song today, and informed me that he had put his 2 favorite things together and was playing indiana giraffe. and it was the best game ever.

he also yelled to me that are we canadians, eh?

seriously he added the "eh" in. where he heard it from, i do not know.

then he told me all the things he knew about canada:

1.)the call pancakes "flapjacks"

2.)they do not have street lights, only stop signs

3.)all their theaters are red

4.)they do play football

then he changed his mind, and remembered that we are "italy-ians" and we eat pasta.

well, ladies here's hoping for a fabulous weekend!
hugs and kisses


Heidi said...

Oh my... I usually skip over long posts. I'm just ADD like that, but this one kept my interest, so you must be doing something right on the writing thing. Your arguement sounds SOOO like me & my husband. Well, not the "me save, he spend" side, just the "sex" side. I hear ya... And the lady at work??? how did that turn out??? I love peeking into the window of someone else's life. Please excuse me, I promise to wipe off the window when I'm done snooping.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, my husband wont go to the grocery store with me weekly - but has agreed to go once a month with me. On those weeks, I'm happy he's with me, but it takes much longer to do the shopping because we're looking at all of these extras.

And most of the time, I don't have extra time because I'm on a crazy time schedule to begin with. So, I feel your pain on that one. But, on the flip side, I'm happy because I get to see what he would buy if he were to do the shopping...which leads me to buying extra things for him to surprise him or make him happy on the weeks he doesn't go.

Also, I make sure to bring the whole bag of coupons (mine are in a bag), because I know that we'll deviate from the list.

So, as you can see, I have some of the same issues, but I know that they're not going anywhere, and have chosen it's not a battle worth fighting..

But, btw, my husband NEVER says lets have sex after we fight.. so NO idea how to deal with that one!!

J said...

I always try to stop arguments with sex! But I'm usually so angry that nothing comes out sounding very sexy and we just end up fighting more when he doesn't understand what I'm trying to say. LOL! Love your sons comments...we eat pasta!

Kristina P. said...

I am trying to think if we've ever had that hot make up sex. I think once, early on in our marriage.

Sorry about crazy work chick!

jineen said...
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the girl said...

Hi there - visiting from SITS.

I SO know what you mean about men trying to fix arguments with sex - my partner does it too :) I'm not really sure what makes them believe that it's a good idea, but they'll try it anyway probably in the hopes that it will:

1. Stop the argument

2. Guarantee them some intimacy!

Gotta love that simple problem-solving style... Not. It can be so frustrating. Especially if there are shopping-related arguments thrown in the mix.

Great post!

Isabel Princes said...

My hubby does the sex thing too and I don't get it. I'm pissed, he's not cute, funny or romantic right now, get a way from me.

I think this hot makeup sex thing is just wishful thinking from old rich hollywood men.
Stoping by from SITS

The little things said...

HAHAHAHA love the canadian comments! Have a great weekend! I too love looking into the perks and the not so perks of others lives... makes mine seem real when I think it's so screwed up!

~stoppin by from SITS!


2 Little Irish Boys said...

Hi there! Visiting from SITS have a great weekend, fellow Gemini!!

Melissa B. said...

Looks like you successfully squeezed a few more drops out of that rock, huh? BTW, please don't forget to visit my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. Your sense of humor will fit right in!

Sarah said...

sorry about the crappy run and crappy grocery shopping. YOU WON THE GIVEAWAY! Maybe that will make you feel better!! So, either e-mail me ( or Facebook MESSAGE me your address and I will send them out by Thursday. Mediterranean Fig right??? Hooray! Congrats!