Wednesday, March 11, 2009

family quirks and period underwear

so i have been noticing things going on around our house and i am wondering should we hide and never share these things.... or maybe everybody has weird crap that they do in their own home.

what am i talking about? well, i am sooo glad you asked!
take this for instance....

why does my kid, who sleeps like the dead..... actually look like he's dead? (he's not, don't worry) but if you look closely you can see the eye near the top of the picture is slightly open and if you were to catch him this way in person, you would be able to see that eye moving back and forth in his head. sadly, it appears i am not one of those doting parents who looks at their angelic child sleeping thinking about how peaceful and beautiful he is. nope i much prefer to analyze how creepy he looks.

next up? toilet paper!

that picture is a typical, everyday toilet paper roll. and yes i know that there is lots of dust and grime in the picture as well. we are re-doing the bathroom. once every 6 months or so we finish something in there. (with all the pooping going on, it's hard to find time to do anything else in there anyway.) so i use the toilet paper from the roll, probably much like all of you. my husband? nope. no toilet paper roll for him. he prefers to keep his toilet paper stacked and ready. reaching in front of him to access it.

yup, thats his skinny little roll of toilet paper in the front of all the other toilet paper, across from the toilet. we do not share toilet paper. a bed? yes. toothbrush in an emergency? yup. toenail clippers? check! toilet paper? not on your life.

someone in this house has 2 bags. large bags. and she keeps them protected whenever she goes out. and the shields that protect them need to be hand washed. and then laid out to dry. and she doesn't want them drying unevenly. so she subjects everyone else in this house to this....

food is next, and while there are many bizarre things we do with our food, i think the picture below quite nicely describes the way our son absolutely defiles his food when he thinks there is something unattractive about it. then he makes it all pretty and eats it. this usually involves lining it up in a perfect row and then eating it bit by bit. this poor piece of pizza never stood a chance.

we've kinda been in the process of remodeling each room in our house, new walls even. the kitchen has been done for over a year now and last winter we found the perfect bistro table to go in there. i love it! i stained it myself. and put it in the kitchen my hubby had worked so hard to redo. and we thought it fit perfect. sadly, we still have not seen fit to buy any chairs. so our poor food mutilating child must sit there like this.....

and now on to the peroid underwear.c'mon ladies, you know what i am talking about. those few pairs of underwear that you only wear during your period because a) you couldn't care less if they get stained and therefore ruined, because quite frankly while you are draining of your life sustaining serum for a week, you really don't feel like grabbing the shout to scrub the dirt out, and b) the tampon/maxipad combo required on those first two days is accomodated quite nicely in those granny panties with the extra wide crotch.

yup, my husbands first clue that i am about to get my monthlies isn't tears, fits of rage or bloating. he knows because i make sure all my period underwear are washed and laid out nicely for the grabbing.

these undies have been with me longer than the others, and they might not have a bow or scrap of lace in sight, but they are wonderful in their own way. they carry me through those first few days when natures gift won't stop giving. they support me when i literally pour myself into them.

they are my friend when after bleeding for 5-7 days and i still don't lay down and die, i throw them in the back of the drawer and forget about them, until next month...

well ladies, i am off to bed. been up for going on 24 hours now, and got most of my to-do list done. (i can't lie, hubby did most of it....) and i will awake before dawn tomorrow to prepare for the surprise!

love to you all and i won't forget to do the post i was tagged in later!



Cammie said...

heehee. I sooooo have period panties! That pic of your son made me lol

Kailey said...

Ha...when my husband sees my period underwear he starts being really sweet and asks if he can go get me dinner!

Shauna said...

YAHOO!! YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY :) Come over to see on my blog! CONGRATS!
♥ Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

I will have to email you a pic of my daughter, she sleeps with her eyes open too, it is weird because if you are in the car and turn around she has her head back but her eyes are somewhat open, is she really asleep???


I hope you are having a GREAT and WONDERFUL vacation, dont ya just L♥ve them!!!!