Monday, March 30, 2009

home, sweet home

well, its true. i am home. i am trying to be sad about it, because well, i am. i mean sad to be done with vacation and sad to be bakc to the real world. but it really is nice to come home. after 18 days it is wonderful to sleep in my own bed again:)

i have missed you all, and will be trying to catch up on all of your blogs! thankyou to everyone especially the rambler! i didn't quite make it to 25 comments, but largely in part to her i did make it to 20, which is double anything before! thankyou to everyone who stopped by, and i will be sure to make my way to all of your blogs!

i have a bunch more pictures to post, but haven't loaded them yet. and so many things to tell you, but i also have so much laundry to wash! thankgoodness i have a wonderful husband who cleaned every square inch of our house before we left, so that is done. but some groceries might be good at somepoint....

i also saw that my son got a hold of this blog some how and i would like to respond. so for your reading enjoyment....

dear dominic raife thomas andress,

(yes i used your full name so you will know i am talking to you and not some other dom that you like to blame things on)

we are back from vacation now. yes,i am sad to be done, and i know you are too, as evidenced by you crying before bed. that really made me feel bad. it also let me know that you did in fact enjoy yourself, which at times was hard to discern due to the scowl on your face.

it is true i am the luckiest mommy in the world to have you as my son. i know you are already aware of this since you are right, you ask me every day. i am certainly super lucky that i got to take you to disney world 3 times. that is 2-3 more times than pretty much everyone we know. lucky me.

i am sorry about the frustration showing on my face. i have always been so good at hiding it in the past. i guess i figured that since you have no problem always letting my know exactly how you feel, in public and in private, i thought we were being more open. i especially love how "open" you were at the pool when you loudly announced to me that you were currently "dumping" in your swimmy diaper. i know you really have no control over your b.m.'s, and i know we have taught you that you shouldn't be embarrassed about it, but i must say, i think we misled you somehow about how to let us know you needed to be changed....

i laughed when you mentioned the sleeping in. i realize you are going by the clock, however i would like to mention to you that it really isn't sleeping in if you stayed up until 1 am letting your dearly loved son swim in the pool and then had a midnight (2 am ) snack on the balcony of your room. sleeping until 10 am is only fair. (plus mommy needs lots of rest so i can prepare my brain to answer all those delightful questions you ask me one right after the other)

i really did have fun with you on our trip, always making sure you got food and drinks, always making sure you got to do everything you really loved twice, spending money on all the things you wanted. asnwering very important questions about why the animals would drink dirty looking water, and also why do the workers clean up their poop.

me and daddy we live to get up early and trek around the themes parks, take you out to dinner, take you for midnight swims, let you stay up late to play with your newest toy and then hear you whine before bed because you didn't get to do everything you wanted to do that day. we never mind hearing it.

oh yeah, and i almost forgot, those maraca's we bought? i really am sorry but somehow they seemed to have gotten lost on the trip home. but i did manage to find a much quieter better sombrero from mexico. hope you didn't need those maracas for anything....

i truly do love you son. even when you stomp your feet like you are 2 years old.

now, i feel much better.
ladies, it has been an exciting few weeks. i still haven't forgotten my pay it forward ladies, i will get your stuff to you:)

hope everyone's week started out well!



Kristina P. said...

I'm glad you're back! What an amazing trip!

Cammie said...

welcome back!!!

Heather said...

Welcome home.

Good luck getting back into the groove. Took me a whole week, and we were only gone for 9 days.

You'll be lucky to be settled in by Easter.

Just sayin'.