Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a mish mash and a letter from dom

i recieved these two awards from Janana Bee, and i was so excited! she has an awesome blog and you should definitely check her out! plus she friended me on facebook:)

you know i love all of you, and so feel free to take these awards for yourselves:) i will pass them onto everyone who is reading this!

i am lovin it down here in key west, and i have to say i am not holding back on the amount of liquor i am consuming, nor the time in which i start consuming it.....(don't worry i am being responsible, i have a kid....i know)
i will take some good pictures today and tomorrow and post them so you can see how fabulous it is, until then i thought i would do something else, just so you don't get too tired of looking at pictures:)
i am setting a goal to get 25 comments on this post, which would be more than double the comments i have ever gotten, go ahead whore me out to your friends if you want:) (and also coming soon part 2 of my kid story) ....
also, alittle bloggy love for just a chic, she is a strong, caring, loving, f*ck off woman!
just a little note from my 7 year old.....
Dear mommy,
hi, its me your son. i know that you always wanted to be a mommy and that you prayed that God would put me in your belly. i know you are definitely the luckiest mom in the world to have me. I know this because i ask you every day.
i also know that this is my third trip to disney world in the last 3 years.
but....there are some things that i want to talk to you about.....
and mommy? please don't make that face. i can see when you are frustrated with me, and quite frankly? it makes me upset. you see mommies are never supposed to be frustrated. and i feel like you should know that by now.
also, this whole sleeping in thing? it might fly when you are working, but on vacation? nope. please get up a little earlier so i can get some breakfast before i begin my day of playing and relaxing.
another thing that has been bothering me.....every time i want to get in the pool, it takes you so long to get ready. i do not feel like waiting for you to put on makeup to get in the pool. you already have a husband- named daddy- and no-one cares about if you look fat. why do you always talk about it? (for that matter, why do you make daddy check your butt every time you wear a new outfit?)
moving on..... i know that we stayed in a suite in animal kingdom lodge, and went on a special penguin tour and theme parks and character breakfasts and a midnight swim nearly every night, but you know what mommy? that's your job! you must make sure i am having the time of my life. and today when you told me that this part of our trip was for relaxing because we did so much at disney? i did not approve of your tone. God gave you a son so you could make that son happy. so do it.
and one more thing.... when we took that very long walk today "to see the sights", remember when we saw that lighthouse, and you wouldn't let us walk in it. i am still pissed about it. i might be smiling right now, but don't think for one second i have forgotten that you told me no. or that you continued to drag me down the street. or that you wouldn't let me cross my arms so everyone could know i was mad. i will be remembering that the next time you have a headache. oh yes, me and those maraca's you bought me....we will all be "remembering".
well, mommy, i do love you, and if you could just work on those things i listed above, i think we will get along just fine.
now, i am off to play!
your son,

(i will answer him in a future post)

hope you are all having a great day!


Kristina P. said...

I can't believe you are still down there? Still jealous.

The Rambler said...

I hope your enjoying your vacation!!

Dear Dom,

Loved your letter. Always love mommy. Cause they rock, don't they? :)

Hope your having fun.

All my love,


The Rambler said...

Dear Jineen,

Left a PS for my readers to stop by today and leave a comment. Good luck.



P.s Only 22 more to go. :)

Janna Bee said...

Glad you like the awards and you are having fun on your vacation!

Saskia said...

I've come over from the Rambler's shout-out!

I'm very envious of you in Key West... much warmer & more glamourous than in my office next to a train station in gloomy London today!

Have a great time,
Saskia x

Cammie said...

man I love Key West.....have a drink for me~

isk8jewel said...

I'm here via The Rambler. Enjoy your vacation!

Martha said...

What a cute letter from your son. Visiting from Rambler's blog and sending my best.

Anonymous said...

did he seriously write that? I'm still smiling from reading it.

visiting from Rambler who IS in fact whoring you out. looks like it's working. Good luck on your 25 comments!

Christina said...

Seems comments are so hard to come by these days. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I wandered over from The Rambler to drop a comment.

I'm so jealous. It is definitely not pool weather around here yet.

Anonymous said...

The Rambler told me to leave a comment. I do what I'm told. :)

Fiauna said...

You're almost there. I think this will be comment 13!
Have a great day.

Kent, Jodie and Asher said...

Those awards are too too cute. I am really glad that you are having fun and still totally jealous, but I think we are family vacation soon, so I guess it will be my turn to post huh? LoL
love your mommy because it's not only the good thing to do, but because your mommy rocks. She is an awesome mommy! Love you, Dom. Hope to see you soon.

Jen said...

I am here from The Rambler!! Good luck on 25 comments! Have fun on your vacation!!


Megan said...

Congrats on your awards!

I want to be back in DW! So fun! Love the letter to mommy. Priceless! heehee =D

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Hello! Stopping by from SITS to say hello to you! Heard you had a comment quota today and wanted to lend a hand!

Jenn M said...

Drinking responsibly the key to great booze ;)

Just dropping by from the Rambler, heard you had a quota today.

Great blog!

Procrastinator Crafter said...

Great goal!! Comments are the best. I love the letter from your son! Very Funny! I am stopping by from The Rambler.

Vodka Mom said...

key west? KEY WEST?