Friday, May 14, 2010

if you call me this, i might defriend you....

so i am gonna give some advanced warning that this post will contain some offensive language and content. I will not be offended at all if you choose to stop reading and i also promise this is not a preview of every post from here on out.
that being said it is my blog and this is a place i feel i can come and get out the bullshit.

To Whom it May Concern,

There are certain people who are saying certain things on certain public areas of the internet about me. they are hurtful and mean, and i don't like it. i choose not to respond on the same venue and create sometype of facebook war, but suffice it to say calling me a whore who isn't worth the air im breathing might be a just cause to defriend you.

if after i defriend you, you text me to say that you are glad i left and that you hate me and everything i do and that you are going to take my son away from me for ever and that i am a waste of life and that you will take care of me and anyone i bring around my kid, i may just call the police.

and if you continue to harrass me and post on my pictures on facebook that i am a cheating whore, i may file for a restraining order.

if your family comments on my pictures and my posts my friends are probably gonna retaliate.

however, i am not trying to take your son from you nor do i wish to fight or interfere with your life. and i will also be taking the high road and not announcing to your family that you have been abusing me for the past five years in every way imaginable. Nor will i tell everyone you know that when you were 22 you had an afair with my 15 year old sister.


neither will i share with your friends that you tried to have an affair with the other sister and wrote her letters which my family still has.

i will not call your boss and tell him that you consume far too much alcohol everyday or that the anger management class you took was because you almost killed me that time.

i am sharing it here because your friends and family don't know this exists and because if you are reading it you already know the truth about it all anyway.

though you may never admit to these things and though you may fight me tooth and nail, i will continue to tell your son everyday that you love him and miss him.
Though you have probably played your sympathy game to everyone you know and have them convinced i am a monster when really it is you who is black on the inside, i will continue to support you in your job and in your parenting because like it or not we will be a team in that respect for the rest of our lives.

somedays, i throw up because i am just so sick of always taking the high road. somedays i want to personally call each of your friends and family and tell them how you held me down and did what you did to me, show them the marks and bruises you left on my body.

but i won't. because at this point in my life the only thing i have in common with you is a beautiful son whom we created and who desperately needs both his mother and his father.

and so i ask you if i can put it all behind me and swallow my pride for the sake of my kid, can you do it too?



Sarah said...

yikes! I thought things were going first? My brother's girlfriend has an ex that is playing the same game. Calling her a whore on facebook and writing about how their kids are not happy (which is false). Some people believe him and give him the whole "I'm so sorry, my heart is breaking for you". Some people text her and say nasty things to her. And SOME people, like myself, know the truth about how he was abusive and smoked too much pot. Annoying isn't it? Stay strong, keep on that high road, you going off isn't going to change him AT ALL. People like this will most likely NEVER change. Be glad that you are done with him in that capacity. Hopefully he will be able to pull it together enough to co-parent. But still, you don't deserve the stress of this BS. HUGS!

Kristina P. said...

I don't call that an affair with your sister. I call that statuatory rape.

Wow, I am so sorry. What a horrible, horrible situation.

GRAMEE said...

I wish I could send this to every person he know.. but I don't know anyone he knows..
I just read with tears in my eyes wondering when men like this will ever get a clue.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that you went through all of this. I wish there was a way that I could change your past and you could've had a more loving and caring husband. Sorry it took me so long to comment - I was on vacation. *hugs*