Monday, May 24, 2010

to you and you and you

Dear patient in 523,

Remember when i entered your room all smiles and cheer and i asked you how you were doing? and remember how you looked at me and said "listen here lady, i'm miserable and it's gonna be a long night". Well that "tylenol" (that certainly wasn't an ambien) shortened the night quite a bit huh?

sweet dreams,

Dear driver who rode my ass,

I did not appreciate you riding so close to my bumper that had I needed someone to perform cpr in my trunk you would have been the man for the job. i was going 70mph, and the speed limit was 55. im not sure where you were going but riding my ass didnt make me go any faster, huh?

kiss off,

(p.s. you looked like a monkey waving your arms around, if meant it to look threatening it did not.)

Dear wawa mocha alert coffee,

oh ho wi love your extra dose of caffeine. even though you are a powder mixed with water, your flavor is so tasty i wake up craving you. you get me through my day,

heart you

Dear patient in 526,

just so you know i am trying to type a blog post and interupting me to have me come and scratch your foot IS JUST A LITTLE ANNOYING!!!!! I don't care i fyou are 90 years old, scratch your own damn foot!

your caring nurse

bloggy friends,

i apologize, this post isnt that interesting, but i needed a down day, lol and i seem to thrive on this letter format thingy. heart you all for coming back!


Kristina P. said...

I like the letter format!