Friday, May 21, 2010

you know who you are

dear you,

tonight you called me ignorant and vengeful. you didnt even spell it right, but trust me it hurt just like you meant it to. I know you said more to my sister about me that she is censoring me from because you have already hurt me enough today.

when i found out that you have no intention of coming to court today, i wonder why you wont be there to defend yourself. I mean, i guess htere isn't much you can say, but still. you won't even fight to see your child? he misses you. two and a hlaf weeks ago when you said goodbye to him, i know that he had no idea it would be the last time he saw you for a long while. two weeks ago he was asking for you every day. one week ago he mentioned that he hasn't talked to you on the phone in a while and were you ok. this week he hasn't really talked about you at all except to his therapist.

your rent is over due by a month.

for some reason you found it necessary to state that i should pay it to keep myself out of trouble with my credit. Thanks for thinking of me.

when you heard i wasn't gonna pay it, you became nasty, again.

why am i continuously surprised by this?

you were supposed to start your job three weeks ago. now it is next monday. i continue to pay your cell phone bill even though these last two months you either went over or are near to going over your minutes.

you write on facebook all the time about the amazing days you are having and how much fun your life is, but you complain to my family that i am selfish and uncaring because you have no money and i won't give you any more.

everytime i am forced to be subjected to you either by third party or in person, i am bitter afterwards because you are mean and hateful.

i would just like to remind you that it is you who abused me. and when i finally couldn't take it anymore i left. and now you continue to abuse me however and whenever you can.

my friend serena gave me some advice and i took it and will continue to do so.

i wish you the best and hope that you can reevaluate your life. i hope you can get it together for the sake of our son. i hope you find happiness and comfort.

but if you don't i want you to know that me and dom? we are doing just fine without you. we are happy and healthy and safe. we go places and do things, we spend time together and have friends. and i know that even though he will wonder why he doesn't have you.....he will also know that he always has me.



Kristina P. said...

Oh, wow. I don't know what to say, except I am sorry. :(