Tuesday, May 25, 2010

somethings an dthen some more things......

dear you,

yup another bit of wasted space to get out my frustration with you. it jsut keeps getting better and better with you. today you texted my sister to ask if i could put you on my car insurance because you got pulled over and ticketed for driving with out. and you now have a court date. and you want me to pay for it but you will pay me back later. and you need the proof by friday.


i ignored it at first because quite frankly i was shocked you would even ask. then you texted the other sister to see if i got the message. i let you know that i was sorry but i was unable to help you and you just ran with that talking about being f*cked over and needing help and i made you look like a scumbag for publishing our court date in the paper (of course if you had shown for the court date that wouldn't have happened).

i am honestly at a loss. you are mean and nasty and hateful, you have some other kid sleeping and vomiting in my kids bed, his whole room smelled. you have some other womans dirty bloddy underwear in the bathroom, no food just beer in the fridge and you havent paid you electric bill in months.

and you want me to send my kid there?

you want me to pay your rent and your car insurance and your cell phone, well hell, i might as well open up a mens shelter and let every wife beater out there come live off of me.

kiss off,


dear mom,

you have taken care of my son for me the last two dayas so i could finally get some sleep because i am having a hard time calming down lately. i appreciate you more than you could ever know and i know that you think i am helping you out a ton by letting you stay with me, but really it is nice to jsut have my mommy there when i am going thru all this bullshit and to have someone who loves my son helping out.

you are encouraging and loving and so good for me to be around.
i love you mom,

dear sister,

you make me laugh everyday. even when i am having the shittiest day ever and just want to hide, you pull out the cigs and we have a smoke and i get it off my chest and you haev me cracking up and peeing my pants within a few minutes. even when i was quite pissy with you last night, you forgave me instantly and loved me still.

remember when we were kids and use to sit at the dinenr table trying to be quiet so dad didn't yella t us and then you'd start laughing and then we'd all start laughing? we always got in trouble but we always had fun.

(p.s. sorry for that time i hung your baby dolls by moms sewing thread from the ceiling and told you they committed suicide because they didn't like you anymore. that really wasn't nice of me.)

love ya forever,


Anonymous said...

Your ex sounds like a jerk - sorry he's being such an ass about things.

But, it sounds like you have some great ppl in your life!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi!