Friday, May 21, 2010

more letters.....

dear m.....

today was a bad day for me. i was sick this morning and worried and then postponed. when i came home you didnt say much and i took it to mean that you didnt care or notice.

i went outside with my sister and my son and you came along and joked around, touched me a few times just to let me know you were there, but still.....

i wanted you to ask me how my day was and letme get it out. i needed for you to do that.

i came in and rinsed off my sweat in the shower and laid down, i had been up for 27 hours by that time anad i was over exhausted......

you came and laid down next to me and said "just so you know i'm here when you are ready to talk. but don't let it build up inside. talk to me."

my mouth opened and so did the floodgates. i told you every fear and concern i had, every tear i cried you met with a smile and kind words.

you encouraged me, uplifted me and cheered me on. you made me feel strong again when i felt weak all day.

you made me feel worthwhile and proud when i felt down and hopeless all day.

i cried and laughed through my tears as you brought me up out of my misery with that way you have and i finally slept.