Saturday, June 13, 2009

of pigs with apples and the eiffel tower

i have been neglecting my dear little blog for a day or two, trying to get caught up on some things, and now i must catch up on here:)
first let me say, as usual i was overreacting to the situation at work. while my 2 dearest friends were upset, the focus of their anger wasn't me. yesterday they took me out for a belated birthday celebration and showered me with new scrubs, even matching socks:)
my leg is feeling much better and i am anxious for tomorrow so i can get back to running. funny how less than 7 months ago i could barely walk 3 miles and dreaded it each day and now i am looking forward to running it:)
hubby got new running shoes so we can run together, and we got some vitamins to supplement so we can remain healthy. i havent ever really been into putting pills in my body, instead preferring natural ways to relieve pain, fatigue, and eat the right foods (the food part started only 7 months ago). but with the kind of stress i am putting on my body, i need some extra help.
my friend sarah has tagged me and it always makes me smile when someone chooses me:)
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this is my little guy at christmas in 2006:) he was about to turn 5 and in keeping with my general status as mother of the year, i cannot recall much else about the picture:)

i am hgoping for sunshine tomorrow so i can add some color to my skin, and i am also going shopping for a pinata:) family reunion on sunday.....

i am so thankful for the kind thoughts after my rough day wednesday, its so good to have people here that care:)

again i msut refer to my friend sarah, who has an awesome blog by the way, she did a master cleanse and i so want to do it...but i am scared of the salt water flush......

and finally one last plea....

i have been begging my husband to jump on the blogging band wagon and he is resisting so far, but he is willing to answer some questions from you all....

anyone want to know anything? even the most personal of questions, even the grossest, or most embarrassing, he will do it. he promised.....

hope you are all having a great weekend, for the tag i am picking



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the rambler

whileshopping in the mall for shoes today, my son turned to me and said "hey mommy, yo uknow those pigs people eat? you know the ones with their heads still on and apples in their mouths, those are called suckling pigs."

me "oh yeah? well thankyou for letting me know"

him "by the way, what is a suckling pig?"

i tell him it is a babby pig. he says "oh, hmmmm. well did you know the eiffel tower is located in paris, france?"

me "i did. but thankyou for reminding me. how did you learn all this stuff?"


never mind that we have taught him how to read (more or less) and the presidents, and addition. suckling pigs and paris, france are what he knows:)


Night Owl Mama said...

He's a smart one. My daughter comes up with some very cool topic too. loves sharing information about famous Painters and Presidents. She learns all this from school.

I want to thank you. I never answer with such heart felt answers as you did with your son. I'll do so from now on. Thanks for the lesson and the visit. HUGS.

Kristina P. said...

I want to know what your husband's favorite thing about you is!

Sarah said...

You forgot to mention that I only did that cleanse for 3 days! Do you have doctors you can ask at work about it? I'd be interested to know what a real doctor has to say...maybe it would make me feel better about quitting it! I like the picture too! thanks for playing along.