Monday, June 29, 2009

this weekend i made myself a humble pie and ate it...

......the whole thing.

I needed to.

wnat to know why? of course you do. you all care like that. or you want to be nosy. that's ok, i love being nosy. a few commenters let me know they like peeking into the life of someone else...well me too. and i like having you look in my windows.....


while i shared on my last post that i am having trouble sometimes coming up with something to say, most of you found it amusing. my husband on the other hand did not.

he was very upset that i included something he considered embarrassing and intrusive regarding him. we fought about it. at length.

so i would like to set the record straight for his sake. he is a wonderful husband, not insensitive most of the time and when he is i am sure he doesn't mean it. while i thought it was comical that he had some bad timing regarding our bedroom romps.....he felt embarrassed that i shared it.

at first i over reacted. i have asked him multiple times not to read my blog. it is my personal journal. not for him. i still have that request though i realize now if he chooses to read it there is nothing i can do. then i yelled at him that i would never blog again. you all can see how well that worked out since it hasn't even been 3 days and here i am.

so i have thought what i could do to rectify it. i do not wish to be censored on something that i often consider to be my therapy.. my way to get out the stuff i can't say in real life and have you, my bloggy friends understand and accept me anyway. and so i will continue to not censor myself here.

but i will not post anything about my husband that i think he will consider embarrassing. i do feel that it is not fair, and alittle bit of censorship, but for the sake of not fighting, i will do it. i never meant ot hurt his feelings with something that i thought, and still do, think is funny. but he means a lot to me and so i will submit to his wish of not being included on here.


now that is out of the way, we can get down to the regular stuff!

i won a contest on my bloggy friends site! Sarah was giving away a soy candle and i won! soy candles are fabulous and the compnay that she is getting it from is called terra luna and i am thinking with her permission, perhaps i will give one away as well...of course after i thoroughly enjoy mine. and after i get out my other giveaway stuff, which i have collected in my room and is still sitting there. because i never procrastinate.

today is my first full day off after the weekend, and our plan is to clean out the shed. we don't have a garage, so our shed has held all of our junk over the past 8 years that we have lived here and it is filled to the tippy top with crap. oh yeah and squirrel's nests. in the infinite wisdom that comes along with being 19, we didn't pack our stuff into containers but rather cardboard boxes. and they have held up so well over the years. as squirrel's nests.

i am hoping the sun will shine all day so i can work on my tan before we go on vacation in august.
keep your fingers crossed for me, would ya? tan skin is very important to me.

i started reading the kite runner today. it was lent to me by a friend, whom we have recently discovered our love for reading. i wish i was one of those awesome people who had like a book club, or circle or whatever you call it because i love reading books, especially if it is recommended to me. i really like memoirs and stephen king. i know a weird mix....but i am open to a lot. the only kind i really don't care for are romance novels. just can't get into them. love sotries are fine, but you know what i mean, the ones that include "he took his strong, thick weather beaten hands and plced them on the small of her back. as he guided himself into her..."
you know that kind.

is anyone interested? i don't really know how we might do it, i figure something like once a month we agree on a book and then read it. then we write a post on our fancy schmancy book blog where each of us gives our thoughts and either recommend it or don't. let me know. email me:

my little rocker is running around enjoying his summer, he is loving the sun and playing all he wants. and of course being canadian, eh?

so with that ladies, i will wish you a happy monday and i am off to clean the shed!


Cammie said...

oh shoot. Sorry you guys had a fight....right now Im thanking my stars that Joe would not even know how to find my blog if he wanted to

J said...

LOL! I love the book club idea! If I can find time to read ever, I will totally do it! As for your hubby, mine was upset yesterday to, when in the middle of our big fight I just left and started writing on the computer about him! Your romance novel description made me laugh out loud!

Kristina P. said...

I understand where he's coming from. I don't post negative things about people in my life. Ever. It IS public information and it's not fair to them .

I'm a big fan of private or anonymous blogs, when posting things that might potentially hurt someone.

Anonymous said...

I've had this convo with my husband before - right when I first started my blog. We were going through tough times and I started the blog to kind of vent, thinking nobody would ever read it... Well, I was wrong, people did read it.

So now, I censor the blog. I don't write anything on here that I wouldn't want my family to know or read.. Since, I've recently found out that they read it..How they found the address, I'll never know. :)

Btw, I laughed my tail off about the hamsteak comment you left me.

Sarah said...

One of my followers, and your co-winner, Macey, has a book blog I believe...check out her blog and it will tell you about her book blog. Her name is Macey but I think her blog is under "Mimi". Sean doesn't read my blog, as far as I know, or I'm sure there would have been a couple "discussions" about what I write about. I don't care if he reads but I don't think he does.
Hoping for sun for you! I know what you mean, my base tan involved alot of stress about it being sunny outside!

Sarah said...

her blog is under "Living in France" (not another follower of mine named Screaming Mimi).

MiMi said...

Congrats on winning the candle! I'm so excited that I won!
Oh, man, I have had this argument with my husband too. He refuses to let me post a picture of him so that all my readers can see that I don't look like his mom. Long story...someone asked if he was my son's brother...hence, I must be his mother.
Everyone wanted to see what he looks like. No go. We fought about it. I lost. This time. : )

MiMi said...

Also! Come visit my blog! Me and my bloggy friend Jess (we're friends IRL too.) couldn't stand it anymore and we're starting our own club too! We wanted one where we could read whatever we want, we're not book snobs. They don't HAVE to be all literary type stuff all the time! We are in the process of creating the web can come check it out if you pressure! :)

MiMi said...

Woops. If I wasn't such a dipsh*t I would've seen Sarah already gave you the info. Uh, der...sorry.

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm sorry ya'll had a fight. Blogging has a way of causing issues in relationships...

I'd be up for a book club!

Mr. Condescending said...

I think you two should bang like little bunnies, hows that sound!?

Anonymous said...

Loved the peek through your window! Thanks!
Am glad that you guys made peace :)