Tuesday, June 30, 2009

you know those days when it really feels like summer? one of those perfect, long summer days?

.....well my friends i had one today:) i woke up technically at about 11pm monday night.....cuz i am nocturnal and that's how i roll. i spent several hours on the computer, ordering new bra's from v. secret and reading all of your bloggy business:)

then this morning i went for a run:) it was already hot and some dumbasswonderfully smart girl thought she should wear sweat pants to get that little bit of extra sweat out......yeah i don't think i'm gonna talk to her anymore, she isn't very nice.

wheni got home, the day was dawning to be clear and beautiful, and so i decided to work on my magda look (ok not really and if you don't know who i am talking about....don't worry it isn't that funny anyway...)

i got in my swim suit and pu tmy little guy in his and pranced out the door without a care in the world also grabbed bubble refills, the bubble gun, sidewalk chalk, a book, a towel, put two bottles of water in the freezer, sun block, tan accelerator, made sure the freezer pops were stocked up and frozen and last but not least my smiling babe.

we spent hours out there, soaking up the sun, splashing in the hose, laughing and just having some really nice mommy/son time.

when we came in we showered up and lotioned up and once we smelled sufficiently sweet and clean, i made us lunch.

we set up a picnic on the living room floor since the wind outside was picking up. Yum...we had soybutter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread, bbq chips and nectarines, washed down into our tummies with refreshing water:)

it was so gret to hold a conversation with my little guy and really try and get a peak into his world. he wanted to know some stories about me when i was a kid so i told him some memories and asked him some of his favorite ones.....

then when we were finished, we snuggled on the couch and this conversation ensued..

dom: mommy? i heard some people on t.v. calling their parent's parents gradmaw and grandpaw, but aren't they mommom and poppop?

me: well, yeah, it means the same thing. i know some people who call them meemaw and peepaw.

dom cracks up at that: can you call the teetaw and seesaw? ( why oh why does he make things up like that?)

me: i guess you could call them whatever you want, poopoo and peepee. i don't think they would like it very much, but i guess yo ucould if you wanted to.

dom is laughing again

me: i think it might sound kinda weird to be running around saying i love you poopoo.

dom: yeah and peepee! (still laughing)

me: they might not let you come in the house calling them that, they might make you stay out on the deck.

dom: yeah, an be shameful of what you said!

i don't know why the word shameful made me get the giggles, but we were rolling around laughing for a while.

i also was talking to him about people and why they say the things they said. he looked up at me and said" mommy, everyone's a critic huh"

it kinda hit me because he's right. everyone likes to speak their mind and say what they want, but woe is you if you dish it back to them.

anyway, it is my nephew's birthday today, he turned 6. he is a sweet kid, but i really don't get to see him often. his father ( my brother ) and his mother, they are divorced. and neither of them has custody. the maternal grandparents do, though my brother has regular bisitation with them. so anyway i got my nephew on the phone and wished him a happy birthday and told him i love him. he said two things, one was can i talk to dom?

no honey dom is sleeping.

oh ok.

are you having a good day?

man! my stomache hurts so bad!

then he got off the phone. my brother explained to me that his son had gotten into the fridge earlier and had eaten and entire block of cheese. by himself.

no wonder.

i feel bad for the toilet!

so anway, i ran, got some sun, spent a ton of time with my little guy and got some sleep, oh yeah and i read more of the kite runner.

*blissful sigh*

i hope you are all having days like that:)


Kristina P. said...

I WISH I were having a day like that! My perfect day doesn't involve working. :(

J said...

Ah...what a great day!

Sarah said...

Well, I'm no expert but I RARELY worry about time, which is probably why I am not such a fast runner. I guess it depends on your goal. Do you want to have a good time or do you want to just finish the damn race? Since I am training for the half I am focusing on distance and I think overall that's the thing to do at first. After you get the distance down and are pretty confident that you CAN make it through said race, focus on time alittle more. Of course on race day you can also depend on adrenaline a little for extra speed. I use my heart monitor as a guide. Once my rate gets up to 90-95% max I hold it there because let's face it, any higher than 95% (which I was at last night during my run) and you feel like you're going to die. Just do what your body tells you. Unless you're going for a medal, I wouldn't worry about time. I know you want to be faster but do the best YOU can! Running at all is a respectable feat...I know many people that literally cannot run a mile. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the most perfect day!! I wish I had a day like that. You'll have to let us know how the book is, I've seen it on the shelves and wondered.

Btw, sweatpants..not a good idea unless it's freezing outside! LOL

Megan said...

Sounds like a day made in heaven! =D Glad you had such a good, relaxing one!

Sarah said...

Okay, first off, I'm not into vampires much either and sci fi bores the hell out of me...however, it has easily been 10 years since I have been THIS excited about a book/ books. You MUST at least give Twilight a try..before you watch the movie because I thought the movie was horrible compared to the book. It's more a romance than anything I guess. Secondly, the turkey tacos. I use 20 oz. Jenny-O ground turkey. Add a little taco seasoning, green pepper, and onion. Once that is cooked I slop it on a wheat tortilla and top with black beans (canned "frioljes negros), cheese, black olives, and sour cream. DELISH! And easy. Sean cooked this time and added cayenne pepper and garlic to the meat while cooking.
And yes, if you get to 6-7 miles a 5k will actually seem FUN. After running the 10k Sean and I are pretty excited about the 5k on July 12th. I finished in 26:14 last year...we'll see how I do :) Another thing I do, which I believe helps with leg strength, not to mention achieving the coveted "bubble butt" (which I want), is lunges. After my run I do them on the side of the road, embarrassing but whatever. I do between 100-125 but you could start with even 50. Prepare to be very sore if you don't do them already :)

Janna Bee said...

Keep going with the running you're doing great!-

Your Running buddy, Janna

Night Owl Mama said...

OM ate all the cheese..

Happy birthday to your was it nephew oh my mind stinks..

stopping in from the sits your above me :) Happy Friday

Ms Cupcake said...

Morning! Now following your blog.

Checking in from sits. The big holiday weekend is almost here!

Ms Cupcake
Zen Cupcake

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Jineen! So sorry I've taken so long to get to this post. It had me cracking up from start to finish. Your son sounds like a real sweetie :) And I'm definitely going to give the names 'poopoo' and 'peepee' a whirl as grandparent names for my parents if I ever have children... HA!

aditi said...

Hmm, summer time fun, eh?
Jus droppin in from SITS to say hi!
Lemme know how u liked d Kite runner, I loved it :D

That Girl said...

sounds like a perfect day!

stopping by from SITS....have a great day!

Jessica and Michael said...

I tagged you! Go to my blog and check it out :)