Friday, February 13, 2009

being late, normal day, second breakfast, work, my valentine, shout out, uggs (again) more shout out and friday the 13th

yesterday while driving to work i came face to face with one of my absolute terrors in life. traffic.
now, seeing as i live in a pretty small state, i am sure that traffic here is nothing compared to some of you, but any kind of traffic is horrible for me. i left in plenty of time (i am late pretty much everywhere i go, but NEVER to work) and i was cruising along at well over the suggested speed limit ( i like to think of it as a suggestion that way i don't feel guilty when i don't obey it), happily thinking of wearing my uggs later that night, when all of the sudden...bam! all cars came to a stop (yes including me) and we weren't moving. no flashing lights or signs to indicate what was happening, just not moving. for about 10 minutes. i texted my friend to say i may be a few minutes late and tried to tune in some radio station that might give an indication of what the hell was going on. after 10 mins, it let up and we started moving again. at normal speed. passing nothing along the way that would answer why we had stopped at all. then......bam! stopped again. first, i was irritated. then i looked at the clock and then realized i was going to be late. then i looked around and i was surrounded by other cars and trucks, and no one was moving, and no radio stations were telling why and no flashing lights, and i was going to be late. i looked around like a wild animal trying to see how i could get out of this mess. there was no way. out. i frantically called my husband and though in my panicked state i cannot recall exactly what was said, i believe it went like this:

me: i am stuck in traffic and i am going ot die

him: no, i don't think you will die, just try and be careful

me: nope, no way to be careful, the car is in park and i think i am going to have to stay here forever

him: jineen, calm down, i will look on the computer and see what the hold up is

me: are there extra blankets and food here, if i am going to live here on the road forever i want to be prepared

him: jineen, you will be fine, just be careful and keep watching to see what is going on

me: i think i can use the back seat as my bed, but what will i do for a toilet? i mean i can hold it for a while, but eventually in my life here i will need to poop

him: there isn't any accident mentioned online, just sit tight, you'll be fine

me: ok we are moving again, love you

him: call me when you get there

all of this took place over 15 mins. and when we got going, again no sign of what had stopped us. wtf? i mean i was in a real panic, i only ended up being 10 mins late, but i was upset for quite a bit. i hate traffic. and i really hate being late, did i mention that?

anyway, i actually did this morning like a semi-normal person, getting up in the day time and having a cup of coffee while sitting here with my family. of course my version of normal means i didn't actually roll out of bed until noon. and my husband (isn't he fabulous) had the coffee already waiting, complete with sugar and creamer. (the powder kind which i know sounds disgusting, but i am completely addicted to).

and he was cooking breakfast for my son and himself, while listening to opera (and i use breafast loosely seeing as how they got up at 5 am.) they were having porkchops, homefries, yogurt, eggs and fruit. it was lunch actually i suppose...

yesterday when i was at work i sooo meant to take a picture of my treadmill for you all, i just know you are dying to meet her after hearing so much, but it just didn't happen. as it turns out, the patients on our floor were actually pretty sick and i was forced to care for them, instead of taking awesome pictures.

during my day i also discovered several things, 92 year olds previously caught eating blankets they mistake for a side of beef can go through benzo withdrawal,and once given some ativan can calm down and become normal again. women who care for their terminally ill husband at home can be very manipulative and call you a liar when you try and help. coworkers who you disagree with do not like confrontation but you can work it out when forced to in front of 10 other people. when removing a ccentral line from someones artery can be messy if not done correctly. people on ventialtors that want to beg for you to help them die can be trying on the soul. 45 year old petty woman at work are capable of acting like 16 year olds and trying to take everyone back to highschool with them. a couple of beers and a rueben after work can make all the above things seem ok.

tomorrow is valentines day and Kristina wants to know why i am my own valentine. well kristina, i am my own valentine because who better to love than youself? hahaha, just kidding. obviously jerm is my valentine, has been for more than half my life, tho i am sure dom will be also competing for that spot, he very much thinks this is some kind of plueral marriage and that instead of being a kid, he is an equal part of everything.

i wore my uggs last night after about a week of withdrawal, and yup, they were just as fanastic as before. my feet slid in to them with ease and it was like they had never left :) i seriously am unsure of how i made it through life this far without them. and yesterday when i was late, i left my change of clothes in the car and so when i went out there to put my work stuff in and meet my friend across the street for dinner, i had to change in the car seeing as i was far too lazy to walk all the way back in to work just to change. thankfully it was dark out and i was nearly the only one in the parking garage. also, thankfully, uggs go on just as easy whether you are inside a building or inside your car.

one last note, on monday cammie will be posting her 100th post. her goal is to have 100 hundred comments to go along with it. will everyone head over there monday and help her out? i mean, i guess i could just post 100 comments myself, but i don't think that counts, and also that could be time consuming, (and i would do it for you cammie) but it would be more fun if everyone would help out!

so i leave you now, and hope you all have a good friday 13th (did you realize thats today?)
and though me and guinevere will not be seeing each other today, i am considering having her as my valentine too, seeing as how she loves me so much even if i am not crazy about her and sometimes call her "that b**ch of a treadmill".

happy friday
love to all


Cammie said...

why thank you for the shout out! Love your traffic story!